[UNEDITED FIRST DRAFT] Record Deal with a Demon

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Violet woke up in pitch darkness. 

Or at least, that’s what she thought she did. But she soon noticed she was standing…and glowing. 

I…what? Her eyes narrowed. I remember screaming and we had just made it to the doctor’s office and…then what. She scanned the room, making out nothing. Did I faint? 

“No, you died.” 

Fear sunk into her body. Cold sweat dripped down her neck. She looked around the room, trying to find the location of the voice. Who…? 

Violet began to walk. She walked straight forward, putting her hands out in front of her. She felt around, hoping she’d run into a wall or a door. Nothing…there’s nothing. Her body trembled. She walked back and forth, finding nothing. 

Where’s the door? Where is the door?!

“There is no door.” 

Violet held her breath, watching as out from the darkness formed a pair of glowing eyes and a saw-toothed smile. A short yelp shot out of her mouth and she stumbled backwards. She lost her footing, falling flat on the ground. She pushed herself up, her face going pale.

Fully formed stared the demon she had met months ago, greeting her with a grin she could only interpret as joyful.

This is bad.

This is really bad. 

I need to get out of here! 

I need to get OUT OF HERE! 

“There’s no way out, Violet,” replied the demon. 

“W-what do you mean?” 

The demon, Gregreppet, extended his hand. “Didn’t I already tell you – you are dead.” 

Violet grasped her skirt as she sat up, looking at the pitch black ground below her. “No…but how.” 

“You starved yourself to death.” 

“No, I couldn’t have…I wasn’t even…I wasn’t eating, but I didn’t look sick.”

“You didn’t?” 

Gregreppet pulled a mirror out from the darkness and placed it in front of Violet. Violet peered into it, seeing herself. She still looked healthy, like she had always been. But then Gregreppet snapped clapped his hands twice. All of a sudden, the image of Violet, healthy as ever, disintergrated into dust. What was left was a skeleton thinly dressed in skin and clothes. 

Violet gasped and backed away. 

Gregreppet laughed. 

“W-what? How? 

“Do you remember our contract?” 

Violet froze for a moment. Gregreppet flicked his wrist. A golden scroll rolled out in the air and Violet saw her name. She could see herself signing it, she could feel herself not caring what the contract itself said – she just wanted to play again. 

“W-what was the contract?” 

“I restored your hands so you could just play,” replied Gregreppet. “In return, you let me use your body when you weren’t using it.” 

Gregreppet motioned towards the mirror. “Which included when you were asleep.” 

“Huh?” Violet gazed back into the mirror. From there, she saw a moonlit demon staring back at her. The demon lifted up a violin and started to play and sing. 

Violet found she couldn’t help but hum along. 

Her eyebrows raised. She placed her hands over her throat. Her mind picked through her memories – her slow violin playing, the humming of the tune, the almost loss of consciousness, the deaths from the open windows, music-playing banshee, and…the dead old man. 

She slowly turned to Gregreppet. “Are…you saying…that is…me?” 

Gregreppet’s grin grew larger. 

“Thanks to your travel schedule, I got a sampling of many different souls. Each one was more delicious than the last. I would control your body through my silver strings.” 

Violet gasped, watching the strings on her body reveal themselves. She looked up, seeing that they seemed to disappear the higher up they went, just like the ones she saw in her dream. 

“I’d take your body and your violin, soar through the air, and find open windows or unlocked windows and having you play a tune from the depths of my home. It fueled your body and I got new puppet pieces to tinker with!” 

Gregreppet laughed. Violet shuddered.

“I didn’t think you’d partially wake up one night though, that was a treat. That old man’s soul was delicious and perfectly aged.” 

Violet covered her mouth. Her stomach churned. 

‘Go away, Demon!’ 

The old man’s voice echoed in her head. 

I’m…I’m the demon. 

She began to cry. “I killed him?” 

“No. My music did. I just used you to do it,” replied Gregreppet. He smiled even wider. “I’m impressed you remembered it.”

“T-that wasn’t a dream?” 



Gregreppet faded rapidly into the darkness. Violet jumped at the sudden disappearance, only to feel her arm begin tightly grabbed. “You get to come with me.” 

“No!” yelled Violet. She pulled, attempting to yank her arm away. “I didn’t sign up for this!” 

“But you did!” 

He pulled the contract and placed it near her face. She watched the letters start to morph from an unfamiliar language to the one she knew so well. 

‘Use for any purpose…in return for hands just to play…’ 

Violet only caught glimpses of the contract, but the little bits she did read sent her even deeper into a panic. She kicked and pushed and bit. Yet, Gregreppet didn’t even budge. 

“I would tell you to read the details next time, but you don’t have a next time.” 

“L-let go! Let go! LET GO!” Violet violently stomped Gregreppet. 

“Good-bye, Violet.”  Gregreppet’s clawed hand wrapped around her leg that had been fiercely kicking him. 

Violet gasped. Her leg was quickly turning to colored wood in numerous pieces. The lilac purple light that transformed her legs rippled over her body at such a speed, Violet wasn’t even able to get out another word. 

Violet’s now-wooden body collapsed to the ground, her eyes staring up empty, but full of life. 

Gregreppet let go over her leg and flicked his wrist up. The silver strings hanging in the air rippled and the marionette Violet stood up. 

Gregreppet placed a wooden bow in one hand and a wooden violin in the other. Her grabbed the marionette Violet gently by her wooden chin and grinned. “Hello. Welcome, Violet.” 

Inside the glass eyes of the puppet made from the transformed Violet was the last reflection of Violet’s existance, receiding further into the depths of her wooden cell. A single tear drizzled from her glass eyes. 

Someone, help me. 



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