[UNEDITED FIRST DRAFT] Record Deal with a Demon

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“Please eat,” cried Tahlia. 

Violet kept on playing.

Tahlia was shoving a piece of cornbread into her face, near her mouth. Violet didn’t even move. 

“Please, please eat! You haven’t eaten in months…PLEASE!” 

Violet changed the tone of her playing to a deeper tone. She wasn’t amused. 

“You’re going to die without food.” 

Violet did a hard stop with her playing. She looked at her mother in the eyes. Tahlia flinched. Violet leered. “I would rather die than stop playing.” And then she returned back to playing.

Tahlia wailed. 

The door slammed behind her. “Come on, you’re going to the doctor! We should have done this earlier! Tahlia, grab her arm.” 


“She’s not going to budge otherwise.” 

Violet glared. “Don’t touch me!” 

“Too bad – you don’t eat, you’re sickly. You need to go to the doctor! No one wants to book you because you look like you’re at death’s door!” 

Jayda grabbed her arm with the bow, yanking Violet back.

“Hey!” snapped Violet. “Let go of me! I have to play!” 

“You can play when we get back!” 

“I’m not a child, let me go!” 

“But there’s something wrong with you!” Jayda screamed. She grabbed Violet’s chin and held it in front of the mirror. “You’re always looking at yourself! How do you not see it?!”

Violet peered into her own eyes. She looked at the roundness of her face, the smooth skin of her body. What is she talking about? Violet turned to Jayda, looked at her sraight in her brown eyes, and said “there is nothing wrong with me.”

Jayda’s face turned red. “TAHLIA!” 

Tahlia grabbed Violet’s other hand, the one playing the violin. 

“NO!” screamed Violet. 

“Come on, Violet, we got to go,” replied Tahlia. Her voice was small. If the room wasn’t pregnant with silence, Violet wouldn’t have heard her. 

Tahlia attempted to grab the violin from Violet’s hand. Violet began to wing it. “NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! Don’t! Don’t move my violin! I need to play! I NEED TO PLAY!” 

Jayda and Tahlia pulled Violet off her chair and dragged her to the door.

“You can keep holding your violin,” stated Jayda. “But we’re going to the doctor!”

Violet’s body trembled. Fiery anger shot up from her stomach and into her throat. She SCREAMED. 

She screamed down the stairs. She screamed each step down the street. She screamed and screamed and screamed. She could tell people were looking at her, but that didn’t matter a single bit. The fact she was embarassing her parents didn’t matter a single bit. “I. WANT. TO. PLAY.” 

Jayda and Tahlia said nothing. 

They rounded a corner. They were close to the doctor’s office. 

Violet screamed even louder, even higher than before.

And then she couldn’t scream anymore.

Her legs fell limp. 

Her breathing ceased. 

Her grip loosened.

Her vision faded. 

“Now she stops…Violet?” 


“Oh gods! VIOLET! Violeeeet! Wake up!” 

“She’s not breathing!”

“Get Dr. Cole, NOW!” 

“Violet, hang on!” 

All I wanted to do…was play.


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