[UNEDITED FIRST DRAFT] Record Deal with a Demon

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Am I awake? Violet asked herself. She looked to her hands, watching small silver strings in the light of the moon outside. Her movements were slightly jittery as if she was made from wood. She couldn’t feel anything though, even though it was clear the strings attached to her were moving and her body along with it. 

No, this must be a dream. 

She lifted up the violin sitting on the floor and the bow laying on her bed, standing up. 

Her body turned towards the window Violet could vaguely remember the demon had come through months earlier. The window unlocked with a quiet click and sllid open with nothing in sight that could have opened it. Yes, this must be a dream. She sat back in her head. 

Her body, directed by the strings, jumped out from the window and through the trees and through the night sky. She could see the whole city from where she was flying. If she had been awake, this would have been amazing sight. But as a dream? Is this how the city really looks? she wondered. 

The moonlight illuminated her just enough to make out her figure, but not enough to see her details. The silver strings seemed to disappear higher up in sky, even though they glistened in the moonlight around her. 

She found her feet landing on a tree, just outside of an open window, only a few feet away. She seemed to have no weight to her body whatsoever – if anything, it felt like she could collapse over into pieces like a wooden marionette, while still being held together with strings. What a strange feeling. 

She peered into the window, vaguely seeing her own silllhouette reflected in the mirror inside of the room. Her eyes, which had been obscured by darkness, began to glow a bright blue. Her violin was moved to her shoulder and she began to play. At first, it was a quiet, melancholic tune. Slow, steady, long, and drawing.

And the sound coming out from it was unlike any violin she had ever heard. What IS this. 

After what felt like only a few minutes of playing, an old man appeared in the window. Balding, spotted, and grouchy, He pushed his nightcap out from his face and held onto the sides of the window. 

“You’re the demon whose been killing off people, aren’t cha?” he grumbled. “Well, go away, demon! You aren’t getting ME!” 

Promptly, Violet’s mouth opened and she began to sing. Her violin playing began to speed up – the once drawn out sounds became increasingly shorter. She could almost hear the back beats of a drum in her head, although she was well aware there was none around her. 

Violet watched the old man attempt to shut his window, but stop. She couldn’t tell in the moonlight, but she was pretty sure his face turned pale. He was singing along with the song that was coming out from her own mouth. She had no idea what the song was nor the language, but it flowed from her without a single issue. 

Violet found the silver strings were gently being yanked and she danced around from tree branch to tree branch. Her body was completely light-weight – as she would have suspected from a dream. 

She could see the old man dance along with her. His eyes were opened wide. She could make out the glistening of tears lining his eyes and internal, desperate screaming inside of them. His mouth sung loudly with her words. 

Her song sped up. After one, harsh screech with the bow, the man kilted over. She could see him sprawled out on the floor. Out of his mouth came a stream of golden light. 

Violet seemed to direct the light with her violin playing and into her mouth. She briefly glowed the warm golden color. 

Her otherworldly violin playing faded out. Her arms dropped to her side and she found herself back in the air once more, flying over the city. 


Violet woke up, neatly tucked into her bed once more. She sat up, touched her face, and closed her eyes. What was that dream I had? She wiped her eyes with her hand. I feel like I remember it…

She thought for a few minutes, trying to remember the details. The only thing she could remember was the breathing room of wide-open space. But she couldn’t remember what the wide-open space was. It was what she was, at least, feeling within her body. 

Oh! My violin! She whipped to her violin and grabbed her bow. She stood up and went over to the mirror. Her face crinkled slightly. Odd…I usually play first thing. 

Violet looked at herself in the eyes in the mirror, then she looked to her violin resting on her shoulder. Her vocal chords began to vibrate with a tune. Her body shuddered. Where’s this from? 

Slowly, she began to play each note her voice appeared to reflect. She started and stopped after every few notes, correcting them as she went. Each note she played that was correct seemed to make her consciousness fade and the sound of her violin change. This…this sounds so…familiar…


Violet’s attention tore away from the song and she played her approval medley instead. In came Tahlia, bringing a small plate of food. “What was with that creepy…um…anyway…I-I know you’re not hungry, Violet, but I thought maybe you could eat a little something today.” 

Violet mumbled a “Mm” at Tahlia who placed the plate down on her desk. “I’ll just leave this here…and take the plate you didn’t eat…” 

Tahlia’s head bowed and she scurried out of the room.

Violet glanced at the food briefly, for the first time in weeks, but promptly turned her attention back to her violin. What was I playing again? 

Violet sat for a moment, playing a tune to match her thinking, but couldn’t remember. 

Instead, she played one of the songs she’s played many time before. 


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