[UNEDITED FIRST DRAFT] Record Deal with a Demon

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Violet leaned forward. “Do you mean…?” 

“Do I mean what?” asked the creature, leaning into Violet’s face. 

Huh, he doesn’t smell. 

“A-are you…saying you’ll help me get my hands working again?” 

The creature leaned back. “That was your wish?” 

“Yes!” exclaimed Violet in almost a whisper. Please do not wake up…

The creature lightly balled its fist and flicked it down. Out of thin air appeared a scroll, unravling itself. Violet glanced over, seeing a strange combination of lines. Her lips pursed and she looked up at the creature. “W-who…are you?” 

“Gregreppet, demon,” replied the creature. His words were followed by a friendly enough smile. “Let’s discuss our contract, shall we?” 

Violet shifted her legs and sat up. She wiped a few lingering tears from her face and sniffled. “Are you really going to restore my hands?” 

“Yes, of course, but…not for free.” 

Violet bore into Gregreppet’s eyes. “I’ll do anything.” 

“The best words in the language,” replied Gregreppet. He whipped out a pen in thin air and placed the contract down in front of Violet. He placed a long claw on what appeared to be the first paragraph on the sheet. 

“This section just lets us know what I’m doing for you.” He moved his claw down to the next paragraph. “This says what you are doing for me.” He then moved it down to a third one. “And this just summarixes everything and makes it legally binding.” He then tapped a line underneath all the paragraphs. “And tha’s where you sign.” 

Violet grasped the pen Gregreppet handed her. Her eyes glittered. Her chest lightened and her mind seemed to be racing…racing with grandious thoughts of everything she was going to do when her hands were back. She placed the pen down onto the paper. 

“W-wait!” said Gregreppet. 

Violet looked up, cocking her head slightly.

“Don’t you want to know what the contract says?” 

Violet’s brows furrowed. “You’re just returning my hands to their former selves, right?” 

Gregreppet frowned for a brief moment before grinning once more. “Yes. But don’t you want to know what you’re doing for me?” 

“Does it involve killing people?” 


“Okay then.” 

“I just will use your body when you’re not using it.” 

Violet rolled her eyes. Yeah, when I’m dead. “Sure, sure. I just want to play!” She placed the pen back onto the paper. 

She began to move the pen, signing with her wrists. As she did, she filt the tiniest pricks on her wrist. She followed her siganture loops and finished it off. The moment she did, the paper and the pen vanished. 

“The contract is done,” announced Gregreppet. 

Violet’s heart nearly leapt out of her chest. She lifted up her hands and attempted to move them and…nothing. Her heart crashed back into her chest and tears began to well up.


“Huh?” Violet looked up. 

“Tomorrow your hands will be restored.” 

Violet sighed. Her shoulders relaxed and she nodded. “Okay. Thank…”

Gregreppet was gone.



Violet woke up. Her eyes were crusted shut to the point you would’ve thought there was glue on them. She rubbed them with her wrist, attempting to break her eyelashes free. Ugh, I wish my hands were working… she thought. Her fist tightened. 

“Huh?” Violet shot up, despite not being able to open her eyes. She stretched out her hand from her fist and immeditately brought it back to one. 

Herb ody briefly felt cold as disbelief sunk into her body, only to come shooting back up to heat. She trembled, but this time with hope. She broguth her hands to her eyelashes and began to gently grab them with her fingers. She pressed down firmly between her index and thumb, rubbing the crusts from her eyes. 

Her hands.

They were working

She blinked several times, brushing her eyes with her palms. She wiped her face with her bedsheet. As she lowered the sheet from her face, she took a look at her hands that were grasping it. She released the sheet to bed and lifted up her hands. Her wrists were lined with a few scratchesright down the middle that looked like they were drying scabs. Her mind immeditately called forth the prickly sensation she had felt from the night before. 

“The demon…” Violet mumbled under her breath. Her eyes widened, remembering the grayish-green figured that had offered to give her hands back. 

She shoved the covers off from her body rushed over to her covered violins. She picked up the one towards the end of the front row, lifted it up and held her breath. 

Is this real? 

She positioned her fingers on the strings and body in a way to approrpriately play. She placed the bow to the strings and played a single note. 


Tears flowed freely from her eyes. 

I can play! “I can play!” 

Her body trembled, but she began playing anyway. She might not have played for almost two months, but she was a prodigy – she spent almost her whole life playing violin. There was no way she would forget in two months. 

She began playing fervantly, channeling each and every emotion she felt – the fear from nearly being killed, the anger from her hands no longer working, the devisation from being told that she couldn’t play anymore, the hope from the demon’s offer, the surprise from her hands working, and the joy from her hands being able to play once more. 



Violet turned to the door, seeing her mothers standing in the doorway. She watched as tears rained down from the eyes. Tahila fell to her knees and covered her mouth.

“How?!” exclaimed Jayda. 

“I don’t know,” replied Violet, still playing. 

“It’s a miracle! She’s blessed! She’s been blessed!” cried Tahila. 

Violet nodded along, ignore the pinches within her gut telling her otherwise. 


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