[UNEDITED FIRST DRAFT] Record Deal with a Demon

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Pain shot through her body as soon as she registered the sudden shock of the stage collapsing on top of her, pinning her down during the height of her performance. She attempted to move her hands only the slightest bit, but they clearly had the worst pain of all. She let out a shrieking crying: “MY HANDS! MY HANDS!” 

Warm tears ran down her face. I’ll die without my hands! 

She had no idea how long she had been under their sobbing, but she could finally see light once more and the semi-unfamiliar faces of Aurum’s assistant doctors and disastor relief, plus her parents. 

I must look horrible, she thought, looking up to her parents from the ground, upside down. One of her mothers turned to the other one, buring her face into her chest. Violet started to cry once more, her trembles causing the pains around her body, especially her hands, to worsen. 


Violet sat back against the wall, looking at her unmoving hands wrapped lightly with bandages, covered by mesh gloves, Tears welled up in her eyes. Can’t they just give me physical therapy already? I’m craving to play again. She lifted her arms, watching hands limp over. She threw her head back and looked up at the ceiling. Beside her, her mothers chattered in hushed voices. She rolled her eyes, ignoring their words she could barely make out.

She side-eyed the clock. It’s been 10 minutes. She leaned forward and let out a big sigh. Her head began to throb. She lifted her arms up and squeezed them at the side of her head. However, the pain just got worse – the memory of the fact she couldn’t use her hands pressed against the walls of her mind. 

“Sweetie, are you alright?” asked one of her mothers. 

“I will be,” replied Violet. 


She looked up in a hurry, causing the headache to pound harder. Her face lit up, seeing the doctor with the most solemn expression Violet had ever seen on anyway. Her gut slowly started to twist. If it hadn’t been for the headache, she would have shoved it away.

“Dr. Cole!” exclaimed Violet’s mothers, Tahlia and Jayda. 

Dr. Cole raised her chin a bit more and hugged her clipboard to her chest. Violet leered at her unintentionally thanks to her headache, noticing Dr. Cole bitting her lip slightly. She watched Dr. Cole’s chest expand and raise as the doctor took in a deep breath. 

“After looking over everything, we have determined that…Violet…will never be able to use her hands again.” 

It was as if Violet’s throat dropped into her stomach and liquid in it splashed up to her eyes and she CRIED. Her head threatened to explode with each blink of her eye. The sobs from Tahlia were even louder than her own. It was like a symphony of out of tune instrumnents. 

NO! shouted Violet inside of herself. She attempted to shout it out loud, but her throat seemed to be stuck in her stomach – the only thing she could let was wail mixed with a groan. 

“Physical therapy won’t help?” asked Jayda, allowing Tahila to cry on her shoulders once more. 

“No,” replied Dr. Cole.  “I am so sorry. The damage to her hands is too severe.” 

No, no, NO. No. NO. Why did this happen to ME? Did I do anything WRONG? 

Violet leaned over into her knees. Her headache pounded louder and louder – to the point she couldn’t help but grab her head with her arms. She felt the warm hand of the only mother of her’s that wasn’t sobbing, Jayda, on her back, rubbing it. The warmth distracted Violet’s mind briefly enough to stop the pressure in her head. However, it couldn’t stop the pain that had her wanting to tear her own heart out. 

My life has no meaning to it – I no longer have purpose. 


Violet looked up at the dark brown, log ceiling from her bed, where she laid sprawled out. Her eyes glanced over at the numerous bed sheets spread across her walls and the little peaks of what was under them – her violin collection. Her stomach clenched. The pain shot up through her heart and into her eyes. She flipped over quickly, turning to the dark brown wall beside her. Her shoulders twitched and her eyes stung with the salt water that trickled down her face and onto the bed. 

“–don’t get rid of them!” 




Violet pressed her wirst against her ears. Her tears stopped stinging her eyes. Even though they stopped stinging, she was sure her eyes must be bloodshot red. 

“I wish I could use my hands again…” 

I want them to stop fighting…I want to play! 

“I wish I could play!”

“I WISH I COULD PLAY!” she shrieked. 

The house suddenly seemed to become completely silent. She couldn’t hear the mumrmurs of her mothers fighting anymore. 


Violet woke up, her room completely dark. She sat up from the bed and used the palms of her hands to turn on her lamp. She turned her body and faced her covered violins. She slowly got up from her bed, lightly walked with her feet, and walked over to them. Using her wrists, she carefully grasped the edge of the bedsheet covering and lifted it up and off from her collection. She walked from left to right, allowing the sheet’s corner to drop to the floor. 

She had 22 different violins in different colours with only some slight shape variation iin very much a cosmetic way. The violins looked in presetine conditions, other than the stands they were on, which had some slight dust at the bottom that had accumulated over the month and a half Violet had been unable to play or take care of them. 

She lifted her arm and gently moved her hand over the violin closest to her. She couldn’t feel anything. She fell onto her knees and began to sob quietly, as not to disturb her mothers. Her head clonked forward onto the violin. 

“I just wish I could play you all again…” 


A sudden chill ran up Violet’s arms and down her back. Without a single hestiation, her head whipped to her window. She froze. 

Partially illuminated by the lamp sat a perch creature on her window sill. She could only guess it was twice the size of it. It appeared to have a bulky, human-like body, but with feet like a hippo and hands like the hind legs of a platypus. It’s face was almost square with a large, round lower jaw, two large lower canine teeth jutting outward from it, and glowing blue eyes. It’s skin appeared to be green-gray, but Violet couldn’t be too certain. 

The light in the creature’s eyes faded into a colour Violet couldn’t make out. Her muscles stopped locking her in place, causing her shoulders to collapse, her back to give up on holding her up,  and she fell to the ground. She pushed herself up as her eyes locked with the creatures.

Pressure pushed against her throat. She opened her mouth to release it, but all that came out was a quiet “Wha?”. 

The creature smiled, its eyes squinting in a way that would make anyone feel uneasy. “I’m here to answer the call.” 

Violet quivered. 

The creature jumped off from the window sill and onto the ground. Violet noticed it’s lion-like tail swishing behind it as it waddled closer to her. 

Oh no, now what? Am I going to die? “Are you going to kill me?” her voice squeaked out. 

The creature gave her a giant, jagged tooth smile. “That wasn’t your wish, was it?” 

“W-what wish?” 

The crreature extended its hand out to its right. Violet followed the line of sight. Her quivering ceased, as did her breath. 

“The violins–––!” 

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