[UNEDITED FIRST DRAFT] ??? (Brent’s Story Part 2)

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Clack clack clack clack 

Brent tossed himself to his other side. 

Clack clack clack clack 

He then laid straight on his back. 

Clack clack clack c–

Brent sat straight up and turned towards his window. Outside was the raven, knocking on the window with its beak. Brent walked over to it and opened it. “Back so soon?” 

“Back,” croaked the raven. It lifted up its leg, another envelope attached to it. Brent unlatched it and felt it in his hand. Again, he could feel the fibers of the high quality paper. 

“Thank you. Please, return at midnight once more. The sun is coming up over the horizon, so I must be leaving soon.” 

The raven croaked and disappeared. Brent shut the window and went down at his desk. He took a frozen glance at the book on his desk before turning back to the letter in his hands. He opened it carefully and slipped out the letter inside.

Dear Brent,

It is wonderful to hear from you. There is no need to apologize for your handwriting or paper quality. I am sorry that we have never had a chance to meet before. I do not know if your mother ever spoke of our family histories. I suspect she did not due to her family’s history. We will be able to discuss more when you arrive at my villa.

The royals of Astral Isles sound lovely. I am aware of their good reputation. It warms my heart that you have found love in their Princess and from my source, I have heard the love you have for each other is well-known. It is such a shame that you did not meet them under the lineage of your birth, but through an accepted disguise from your mother’s side. I believe that your true social standing will satisfy any requirements they may have. I understand that all of this must be new for you and cannot be fully trusted without proof. When you arrive, you will learn of it all. 

My informant is a man named Ivan. I would assume you would not know him, but may know of him depending on your closeness to the other servants. He meets with them in bars and extracts information, then he reports any of interest back to me. It seems you have notarity among the servants between the open love you have with the Princess of Astral Isles, the way the King and Queen treat you, and the way the head servant trets you. You will meet with Ivan when you come, as well as well as Charlie, who will help escort you to Magirery. 

The raven is named Rae. She is a familiar of our family, therefore has powers that a normal raven does not. We have numerous other familiars available to our family. I believe your mother’s side also has their own set of familiars, but I am not aware of how to connect with them. When you arrive, I shall teach you how to summon them for your own use. I have heard the rumours that your magic has awakened, has it not? Please forgive me if I am wrong and you do not know what I am talking about. 

I am looking forward to meeting you for the first time, my son. Not a day has gone by when I have not thought of you and your mother. I do wish we could have met each other under other circumstance. 

With Love, 

Keagan Arwthorn

Brent’s face was flushed. His heart squeezed with excitement. He knows of my love with Princess Angelica. Our family status is higher than what I know it to be. And magic? Brent looked to the book The Intracties of Dense Other World Magic. He placed the letter aside on his desk and cautiously lifted up with the book. He opened up to the table of contents and scanned it with his eyes. He flipped to the next page and right at the top was “Magirery” for the section title. Underneath it listed “Arwthorn Magic” and “Blackwood Magic”, along with numerous other names. Brent’s eyes slowly widened. The sound of a door sounded like it clicked open in his mind. And then his hands began to glow that omnious blue light once more. 

While his mind initially shouted in fear at the sight, it quickly shifted to the thought: So, this is magic, huh? 

Brent kept an eye on the blue flames, hoping he could control them at a moment’s notice if needed. He flipped to the section on Arwthron Magic and flipped through the pages. ‘The Arwthorns are one of two families of nobility on Magriery. They are just short of royalty, as Magirery is not ruled by monarchy nor hierarchy, but through the collaborations of different citizens. They —’

The rays of sun hit the corner of Brent’s eyes. He shielded himself, feeling annoyed, only to slam the book down and hop up from his seat. The blue flames on his hands disappeared. “I have got to get to the kitchen!” 

Brent quickly got dressed, washed his hands and face, and rushed off, leaving his desk a mess. 


Brent dragged himself to the window and opened it. Rae cocked her head, greeted him with a croaking “hello”, and stuck out her leg. Brent took the letter off from the raven’s leg and placed it down on his desk. He shut the window and Rae disappeared. Brent went to his washroom and quickly washed his hands and splashed his face with warm water. He dried himself off and went back to his desk. Dark circles were under his eyes and he was absolutely ready to topple over and fall asleep, but he perservered. He tore open the letter – which, by this point, he stopped opening super carefully – and read it. Inside dropped a smaller envelope. 

Dear Brent, 

I will be sending Ivan and Charlie to get you just outside the castle walls, through the east entrance, tomorrow night an hour after midnight. The letters you have been sending me have been increasingly breaking my heart and I can no longer tolerate the way you are being treated by the Head Servant. I sincerely hope that Princess Angelica is raising her voice in protest, however, as things are at the moment, I cannot wait any longer to bring you to your homeland. 

I have attached photos so that you may be able to identify Ivan, Charlie, the villa, and myself for your convenience. You may bring what you will, but please know that your lifestyle will be upgraded to one more suitable to our family, so you may want to hold off from bringing anything that would relate you back to your life of servitude. 

Despite the struggles that you have had, I am very proud of you. I love knowing that you are studeous – I am confident that it will make our work that much easier. I am glad to hear that you have been gaining control over your magic, even with the little time that you have available to you. We will be working on strengthening it even more when you arrive. I will be enrolling you into Mandrake Academy after you come and settle in, as I believe that is the best place for you to learn magic. I, however, will teach you the basic as well as whatever else you may need to step into your status as a nobleman. 

I anticipate that you may return to Astral Isles within a year and three months, if you so choose. Not as a servant, of course, but as a nobleman. If your love for the Princess is a true as you believe, then it shall be the perfect time to reapproach her for her hand in marriage. 

This will be my last letter to you before you arrive. You do not need to send one back. We will talk more once you arrive.

With Love,

Keagan Arwthorn 

Brent placed the letter down and opened up the envelope. Inside were three headshots and a top-down view of a large house that seemed to be on a campus. “Oh,” gasped Brent, looking at a picture of dark-haired man. He flipped it over and nodded, knowing he had guessed right. My father. Brent flipped back over the photo and ran his finger over it. The man in the photo had beautiful, long blue-black hair that naturally curled towards the end. The smile on his face seemed both regal and arrogant at once. Brent took his own hair into his fingers and took a look at it. Now I know where I got it from. 

He placed down the photo and looked at the three others. The next two photos with people in them was a pointed-ear older gentleman with an eye patch who looked as if he had seen better days, but had the smile of a trickster and a much younger person who seemed to be dressed up in stylish aristrocratic wears and also had an eyepatch. Brent flipped over the photos and saw that the older gentleman was Ivan and the younger person was Charlie. 

He then looked over the villa. The home itself was a deep, rich black and the exterior folliage surrounding it in a light blue-gray colour, perfectly complimenting the home. It appeared to be located on some sort of slope and the house itself was raised at different points to make sure everything felt even when you were inside it. It’s beautiful. 

Brent placed the photos back inside the small envelope, then placed both the small envelope and letter back into its original envelope. He placed it into the medium box he had kept the other letters – now filling the box all the way, although not tightly. Each letter had room to expand, if needed. 

Brent got undressed, turned off his lamp and collapsed into bed. He pulled the covers up over his head and closed his eyes and reflected on the past month. 

Bedelia had done as she had promised out of spite – his hours increased to the point where he had no time to see Angelica whatsoever. He had to arise early and return back late, every single day. Any moment he could catch his breath, Bedelia would be there to catch him and pull him into another project. In fact, every single project he was a part of seemed to be within the proximity of Bedelia. The only time he had to himself was in the very early morning or late at night, almost midnight, well after Princess Angelica would have gone to sleep. That alone would have exhausted him, but not as much as he was now.

His extra layer of exhaustion was because he was waking up even earlier and going to bed even later every single day as a result from writing back and forth to his father, as well as studying. He had learned that, indeed, his father was a nobleman and that the social standing is also Brent’s birthright. His father wouldn’t answer in detail, but according to him, Brent’s mother also was a noblewoman, however, the status is acknowledged, but denounced by the Blackwood family. Whatever the reason, Brent started to suspect that had something to do with why his parents weren’t together. Brent also learned that even though his parents haven’t been together for at least 16 years, Brent has no other siblings. 

His studying wasn’t too involved – he started to delve deeper into the book on magic from the library, which according to his father was not a bad book to start with, and used it to start tapping into his own abilities. Brent couldn’t do a whole lot at the moment. The most impressive things he could do was heat up water and turn lights off & on without touching them. He mostly practiced manipulating the energy that appeared in his hands. 

Brent silently chuckled remember Aaron’s surprised face when Brent had handed him a boiling pot of water that had been cold the moment before. Brent had been using the magic in subtle ways, but that was the first time he had used it in such a way that involved someone else. How I would love to show Angelica…he thought, before he felt cold. Would she change her mind about me if she found out? 

Brent’s last thought before he dozed off was no, she wouldn’t.

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