[UNEDITED FIRST DRAFT] ??? (Brent’s Story Part 2)

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The two gazed back into each other’s eyes and each other lips slightly quivered. The air in the room suddenly seemed to have a strong electric current with a hint of fire. The two turned away, still holding each other’s hands. Brent placed his heart over his chest. Calm down. It’s just Angelica. That’s all. 

Brent slightly trembled. His body lightly tapped the wall and he felt the distinct pressure of a filled bag in his pocket press into his hip. His eyebrows popped up and his heart rate changed from one form of excitement to another. “Oh!” he exclaimed. “Yes! I almost forgot.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the small, blue-velvet bag. 

“Oh?” Angelica said as Brent plopped it into her hand. She opened it with her other one and gasped. “Brent!” 

Brent clapped his hands and pointed them towards her. “I have been slowly working on it during my downtime when I could not spend it with you. Once I knew the colour of your dress, I could not help but make you something that would compliment it.” 

“You didn’t need to do this! You should have saved your money!” 

“Perhaps, but I wanted to shower you with a gift.” 

Brent’s smile grew as he watched Angelica lift up the rose quartz choker her had worked on in the air, looking over it at every angle. “Are you aware,” said Angelica. “that rose quartz is associated with love?” 

The two of them exchanged smirks. Brent’s chest slightly puffed out unconsciously 

Angelica lowered the choker to the level of Brent’s chest. “Please, assist me with putting this on around my neck.” 

Brent lightly clasped it, brushing hands for a moment with Angelica. “As you wish.”

Brent walked behind Angelica. He felt shaky again and he could feel heat flush across his face, reaching to gently lift her hair out of the way. He then unlatched the choker and put it around her neck. His skin against her…goodness, he wanted to kiss her neck! He finished putting the choker on her and fixed her hair. “Are you able to turn around?” asked Brent unusually quiet.

Brent could see as she face him that she was just as red as she was. Brent took in a deep breath and breathed out slowly, calming down his body. “As I suspected – it looks stunning around you.” 

“Thank you, Brent, for the kind gift.” 

Brent got down on one knee (in all honestly, he could barely stand – Angelica was just that beautiful to him) and kissed her hand with shaking ips. ‘It was my pleasure.” 

Angelica whipped out her fan from a pocket hidden underneath all the tulle and began to fan herself. Brent’s face mimicked hers, both of them turning beet red. 


Brent turned the corner heading towards the stairwell. After taking a moment to scan the area with his eyes, he collapsed to the ground and loosely curled. He looked at his own hands. She’s so beautiful. She is so beautiful. I don’t want her with anyone else. I don’t want her to be with anyone else. I want to show her just how much I love her now. A kiss would even suffice! Keep still, my body! Keep still, my heart! The day isn’t even done yet and I’m already excited in more than one way and hurt in more than one way. He covered his face. If I keep feeling like this, is this going to cause those blue flames to come – no, no…don’t think about Brent, do not think about it. 

“Uh, are you a’right?” 

Brent looked up, seeing Natalia a few feet from him. His already flushed face became redder as he jumped up. He pushed himself off the ground and dusted himself off. “Yes, yes, I am fine.”

Natalia raised an eyebrow at him as doubtful smirk spread across her face. 


Natalia continued to smirk, their expression seeming to tighten up. She leaned her head forward and placed her hand on her hips. 

“…” Brent pursed his lips before letting out a gigantic sigh. “Fine, I am not fine.” 

Natalia slid closer to Brent and leaned into his shoulder, covered her smirk with a hand. “It’s about Princess Angelica, isn’t it?” 

Brent groaned. He whipped out his arms and stepped before Natalia. “Natalia, Angelica is just so…just so beautiful and I love her so much and I just…I just…habbajabaaaah….!!!!!!” 

Natalia guffawed. Tears began spilled out from her eyes. She slapped the tops of her thighs. “‘Habbajabah’?! You are that lost for words towards the Princess?” 

Brent threw himself onto the wall. “Ugh…” 

Natalia whipped her tears and slapped her thighs. “Goodness,” she said. She slapped Brent’s shoulder. “you are a man in love!” 

“You don’t think I don’t know that?!” 

Natalia began to smirk again. “Could you perhaps be feeling more than that towards Angelica?”

Brent’s face went pale. Natalia laughed back with delight. “Awww, Brenty here is turnin’ into an aduuuult.” She poked his cheek and flicked her wrists as if she was screwing in a nail. 

Brent shoved Natalia away lightly. “Shut your mouth, Natalia.” 

Natalia slapped Brent’s back. “Come on. I was asked by Bedelia to fetch you.”

Brent rolled his eyes as he pushed himself off the wall. “Oh great.” 

Brent began walking down towards the stairwell, Natalia following short behind. 

“So, did you and the Princess finally kiss?” 

“I said shut up, Natalia.” 

“Oh ho ho! So you did?”

“No, of course not!” 

“But you both want to, don’t you?” 


The most Brent could do was hold his breath and hope the redness on his face would disappear by the time he reached the kitchen.


Brent stood at the snacks table, reloading his tray with the reach variety of savory and sweet appetizers available to the guest. While the guest could certainly get it themselves, Brent and the other servants were there to serve from any part of the ballroom. The snacks were going at a steady pace and the guests seem delighted by the new varieties. Brent carefully selected the snacks he believed the guest would like the most. 


Brent’s brow scrunched for a moment, being pulled out of his mental zone. He turned and saw both the King and Queen standing behind him, 

The Queen had a fist lightly pressed against her chest. Worry was written across her face. “Have you seen Angelica anywhere?” 

Brent was taken aback. “Not since the ball started. I’ve been serving guests all night, so it has been hard to keep track of her.” 

“Do you know where she might have gone?” asked the King. 

The Queen huddled up near the king, but continued to look at Brent with expectations. 

Brent paused for a moment. She didn’t look none too pleased earlier in the night. Where might she have gone? “I don’t think she would have gone very far.” 

The King and Queen exchanged concerned glances. The King then outstretched his hands to Brent. “Are you able to look for her?” 

Brent grasped his fist and placed it of his heart. “Of course! I will find her and bring her back right away.” 

The King shook his hand. “If she is safe, there is no need to bring her back.” 

“Why?” asked Brent. He then covered his mouth. “Oh! How rude of me to ask for more…” 

The Queen giggled. “’tis alright Brent. You can ask.” 

Brent bowed. “Thank you, your highness.” 

The King cleared his throat. His face suddenly appeared solemn. “If she is safe, you do not need to bring her back. We have noticed with each passing ball, she seems to become increasingly unhappy. If she does not want to finish the night, she does not have to.”

Brent nodded before bowing once more “Thank you for answering the question, your highness. I shall go look for her.” 

“Thank you, Brent. Please report to us after you have found her, when you have a chance.” 


The King turned around and left. The Queen smiled at Brent and walked closer to him. Brent looked at her shining eyes. She lifted up Brent’s hand and lightly held it. “Brent, please make our daughter happy tonight.” The Queen the walked off. Brent stood for a moment, turning red, before going off into the crowd. 

He first scanned over the crowd, carefully threading through them. She is definitely not in here…if I was her and didn’t want to mingle with the crowd, but did not want to get into trouble in the morning, where would I be? His eyes ran across the side of the room and turned to the giant glass doors of the balcony. As holes in the crowd briefly opened up, he could see the sparkle of pink tulle tinted blue by the moonlight out on the balcony where not much inside lighting reached. Ah! The balcony! Of course! 

He opened the door and walked through it. His face lit up, seeing Princess Angelica safe and sound, leaning over the banister of the balcony. 

“I thought you might be out here!” 

Brent’s shoulders sunk watching Angelica look of her shoulder with a pout chock full of annoyance and exhaustion. Angelica let out a groan,

Brent walked beside her. He glanced over his shoulder at the glass doors. Probably not a good idea to touch her back in front of all the others… He let out a silent sigh. “The King and Queen requested I come and find you. You ahve been missing for a long while and they are becoming worried.” 

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