[UNEDITED FIRST DRAFT] The Princess and the Servant Boy

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The king clapped his hands twice. “Arwinwalde! We must speak to Bedelia as soon as possible. When is our schedule the most open to accompany a long discussion as I anticipate we shall have?” 

Arwinwalde ran up to the the king and bowed. “Yes, your highness.” He opened his book and began to flip through it. He lifted up his finger. “It looks like tomorrow, you have an open 5-hour window in the morning.” 

The king and queen clapped. “Well, that shall be when we speak to Bedelia,” announced the king. 

“Tomorrow morning, yes,” confirmed Arwinwalde, scribbling down the details of the day. “When shall I inform Bedelia?” 

“Inform her this evening as the servants are heading to their sleeping quarters.” replied the queen. 

The king agreed. “Yes. Send Luké to her tonight.” 

“Yes, your royal highness.” 

“Angelica,” said the king. “we will take care of this matter for you.” 

The queen sheepishly looked at her daughter. “We know just how much you love Brent.” She leaned into Angelica’s hear and whispered “as you know, he’s our top choice as well.” She covered her mouth and giggled, as if spilling a secret. 

Princess Angelica blushed. “I-i am aware mother. I am also aware of the potential conflict it may cause if we were to get together…” 

“There is no reason that boy should be overworked and Bedelia avoiding you,” said the King. 

Angelica gave her parents a hug, feeling herself relax. “Thank you.” 


The fireplace had long gone out and Angelica had just been left staring at the dark ceiling. She was exhausted, yet her body refused to settle down. She couldn’t exactly pinpoint what was causing the antsiness within her, but she wanted to get up and move her limbs. She tosseed and she turned, but no matter what way she laid, she could not get comfortable. 

After doing this for hours, she finally sat up, got out of bed, and turned on the artificial lamp next to her bed. She opened her amoire and pulled a white satin robe from a hook. She slipped it on, shut off the light, and headed towards the hallway. 

Natalia, who had been sitting by the door reading a book, looked at Angelica with surprise. “Princess Angelica, you are awake?” 

“I couldn’t sleep.” 

“Oh, goodness! Was there anything wrong with your bed?” 

“No, I just couldn’t sleep. I feel…restless. I’m going to take a short walk.” 

Natalia stood up and put down her book. Angelica waved her hand at her dismissively. “You do not need to accompany. I am only going to the balcony at the end of the hall. Please stay right here.” 

Natalia eyebrows gave away her real emotions. “As you wish, Princess Angelica.” She sat back down and returned to reading. 

Princess Angelica continued down the hall. The low lights of the lanterns hanging on the wall casted tall shadows all over the place, setting the entire tone. Although walking was calming the antsiness in her limbs, it wasn’t helping the anxiety in her stomach. She couldn’t really explain it, but she knew she just needed to go to the balcony. 

She reached the glass double doors at the end of the hallway, where the bright light of the full moon and stars illuminated just a small portion of hte hallway in blue light. She opened one of them and stepped out on the balcony. She walked right to the banister and leaned over it. The gentle breeze of the night kissed her cheeks. She took in a deep breath, letting the cool air fill her lungs. 

Her eyes snapped to a figure walking out from under her. Her face lit up, seeing the familiar blonde hair of Brent’s being lightly tossed by the wind. “Brent!” she exclaimed. 

Brent jumped and looked up. 

Angelica’s unbashed smile quickly started to fade looking into Brent’s somber face. “Brent, what’s wrong?” 

Brent cast his gaze over to the side. “Princess Angelica, you really should be inside. It’s not proper for a lady such as yourself to be dress in your nightgown.” 

Angelica swiped her hand in the air. “I am not worried about that. We are still in the castle walls, after all.” 

“It’s late.” 

“It’s late for you too!” 

Why does he look stuck? thought Princess Angelica. She leaned a bit more forward over the banister, taking a good look at his moonlit face. “Brent, are you feeling alright?” 

Brent looked over his shoulder. Angelica followed his gaze over to a large clock to the side of the pathway. He looked back up to her and said, “I really must be going.” 

A chill ran through Angelica’s body. “What?” 

Brent turned around and began to walk once more.

With each step he took, rage over came Angelica. Knowing, however, she could not well scream in the middle of the night lest she wake people up, she simply took a step back, rubbed her hands together, and began to chant. “Wind, carry me, down to the ground; be sturdy and solid like a well made slide; help me to reach where I decide.” 

Sparkles of blue and yellow flew out of her palms. They whirled around her and she was swiftly lifted into the air and carried over the banister and onto the ground, just a short distance from Brent. She immeditately ran up to him, yanking him by his jacket. 

She could finally see Brent up close: he was carrying a knapsack and was wearing a heavy jacket. She left one hand on his jacket and placed one hand over her mouth as tears began to swell up in her eyes.

“Are you leaving me?” her voice cracked. 

Brent turned around and grabbed Angelica by the shoulders. He looked into her eyes with life that Angelica hadn’t seen for a while. “No!” exclaimed Brent. 

The tears began to flow. “T-then why are you carrying a bag? And your jacket? It’s too late for anything to be open!” 

Brent pulled Angelica closer into his arms. He looked like he was about to cry himself. 

Angelica pulled away from him. “Where are you going? Tell me!” she cried. Her voice kept changing volume as she spoke. With two words, it was low, then on another, it was loud. She was having difficulty controlling herself. 

Brent then grabbed her hand. “My lady, Princess Angelica, I –” 

“Brent, stop it with the ‘lady’ and ‘princess’ speak!” 

“But if someone hears us…” 

“I do not care about that! Let them all hear! Everyone knows we are in love anyway. It does not matter. Just…where are you going?!” 

Brent took a deep breath. Angelica’s hands tightened with his, both hands forming sweat underneath the tight grasp. He turned to her and looked at her in the eye. “I’m going somewhere to make our dream a happen.” 

Princess Angelica’s tears halted. “What?” 

“I’m going somewhere that will allow me to do my part in making our dream come true.” 

Angelica sniffled. “W-what is that supposed to mean? How does leaving make our dream happen?” 

Brent’s smile was gentle. The blue of reflection of the moonlight illuminated it, making it appear even gentlier. He released one hand from Angelica’s grasp and placed it on her cheek. Angelica leaned into it as a few more tears rolled down her cheeks. “I’m going somewhere that is similar to this, but not the same. It’s somewhere where I’ll be able to gain all that I need to come back and fight.” 

“Are you going to another castle?” 

“No,” assured Brent. “As I said, it’s somewhere similar, but it’s not the same.” 

“Why do you have to leave?” 

“Because there is something I must do there.” 

“A-and how long will you be gone?” 

Brent chuckled. “Due to my inexperience, it is estimated I will be there for a year and three months.” 


Brent leaned into her face. In a low voice, he said, “I will explain it all to you when I see you again.” His thumb then ran over her lips. Angelica shivered. 

“I must go.” Brent kissed Angelica’s hand good-bye and walked off into the night. 

Angelica fell to her knees, staring at Brent’s sillhouette being engulfed into the darkness of the knight. 

*** END ***


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