[UNEDITED FIRST DRAFT] The Princess and the Servant Boy

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Princess Angelica furrowed her brow. “I need to know. Otherwise, I will not stop thinking about it for days on end until I find out why he was accused. What am I missing?” 

“I understand, Princess Angelica. Please brace yourself.” 

Angelica nodded. She leaned forward, eager to listen. 

Natalia took in a deep breath. “The night Brent’s mother was murdered and she was found, the only one in the room with her was Brent. His mother was a mangled, bloody corpse with numerous sharp objects from around the room protruding out of her. Despite how close he had been to his mother’s body, there was not a speck of blood on him.” 

Princess Angelica relaxed a bit. “I’ve heard that much before. I understand the oddness of the situation, but I don’t think that is enough for murder.” 

“That wasn’t all there is to it, Princess.” 

“What else could there be?” 

“Have you heard about Brent’s father?” 

Princess Angelica paused for a moment. She ran over her conversations with Brent and his mother in her head. Her face softened. “Oh, Brent’s father? I have not heard much. I am aware Brent does not know him, but only knows of him. I recall Addie looking very fond of him when she spoke of him. What does this have to do with him?” 

“From our understanding, his father…” Natalia trailed off with hesitation. With silent urging from Princess Angelica’s, she continued on. “…his father was involved with evil magic.” 

Princess Angelica was confused. “I am not sure why that information is relevant to the accusation that Brent killed his mother.” 

“From my understanding, it is thought Brent inherited his powers from his father and used it to kill his mother. It was the only explanation as to how he could be in such proximeity to his mother without a speck of blood. It also explains why her body was as mangled as it was.” 

Princess Angelica let out a single laugh, startling Natalia. “What kind of ridiclious rumour is that? Was Bedelia behind such an accusation?” Angelica then shook her head. “It does not matter.” Princess Angelica put on her hand. “I request that the rumours that Brent killed his mother be stopped to the extent that they can.” 

Natalia nodded. “Yes, of course, Princess Angelica. I will do my best if the rumour does come about once more.” 

“I thank you for your assitance.” 

Just then, a small bell rang loudly in the corner of the room. Princess Angelica and Natalia turned to it, before looking back to each other. Natalia bowed.

“It looks like I am being summoned. Have a wonderful sleep, Princess Angelica.” 

“Thank you, Natalia. You are dismissed for the evening.” 

Natalia quietly exited the room. 

Princess Angelica slid down underneath the comforter. She shut off the lamp beside her and stared up into the red-tinted ceiling, Her insides felt all twisted and her thoughts were trying to make sense of everything she had just been told. At the end of it, she had a single question: he would actually murder his mother, would he? 


The last servant in the room finished putting the clothes away in the changing room and left. Princess Angelica sat alone in front of the mirror, staring off into nothingness. She attempted to quiet her mind, but it still whispered what she heard a bit over a week ago. 


Princess Angelica jumped, turning around, seeing Brent’s smiling face behind her. She felt elated, but distant. “Oh, Brent! I didn’t know you were here.” 

Brent let out a sigh. “I’ve been busy all week. Bedelia’s been working me hard recently.” He put his hand behind is head, scratching it lightly. He was slightly blushing. “I think she might have seen us all the ball. She seemed moody all week.” 

“Ah, yes,” Princess Angelica replied. “I have heard we were seen, but I heard my parents also defended us.” 

Brent walked up to the vanity and grabbed a large hairbrush from the table. He began to brush Angelica’s hair. 

Angelica settle down into her chair. While she felt much calmer with Brent around, her mind was not allowing her too be too comfortable. Murdered her, he murdered her, he murdered his own mother. The thoughts kept whispering as Brent gently brushed her slightly wavy hair. 

“I know we have not had much time to spend with each other this week, but are you doing a’right? I noticed you seem distant.” 

Angelica’s heart warmed. She turned around, causing Brent to stop brushing. “You noticed?” she gasped. Her eyes lit up. 

Brent was taken aback a bit, but quickly smiled at her. “Of course I noticed. Anyone would.” 

Princess Angelica turned back around and sulked. “Oh, I suppose that is true…” 

He returned to brushing her hair. “What are you thinking about?” 

Princess Angelica sighed. “It’s nothing to worry about.” 

“It is something to worry about – it is causing you to be highly unlike yourself.” 

“I don’t really want to say it.” 

“Is it something you don’t feel comfortable talking about to me?” 

Angelica turned back to Brent, looking into his eyes. “It’s not that. It’s more that I am worried about upsetting you.” 

Brent gave her a reassuring smile. “Angelica, there is nothing you can do that will upset me.” 

Angelica laughed. “Alright, alright. I suppose I can tell you.” 

“I am listening.” 

Princess Angelica’s face became solmen. “I was thinking about your mother, Addie, most recently.” 

While Brent maintained his smile, he’s eyes were downcasting towards the floor. “It is close to her death, isn’t it?” 

Princess Angelica watched Brent’s face, looking out for anything that might betray him. Yet, all she could find in his face was a fondness and love for his mother. Her heart and mind began to ease. “I knew they were just rumours,” she mumbled.


Princess Angelica flipped back around, flipping her hair as an indication for Brent to continue. “Yes. There was a preposterous rumour going around that you killed your mother and it was done through the means of evil magic you inherited from your father. Ridiclious. You would never murder your mother.” 

Princess Angelica was too focused on reassuring herself that she missed the faintest hint of guilt twitching in his face. After a moment of silence, Brent finally said, “of course I would never murder her. I loved her very much.” 

“Of course.” 

“Was that what was bothering you all week?”

Princess Angelica rolled her eyes. “Yes. A bit ridlcious, yes?” 

“I suppose.” 

“You suppose? I think it absolutely is!”

Brent and Angelica looked at each other and began to laugh. 

“Feeling better now?” asked Brent. 

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