Bubbles gently floated towards the surface as Rose’s bright reddish-pink hair swayed in the ebb & flow of the water. Rose’s relaxed sleeping face complimented the light breaths coming out from her mouth.

“Mmmm…can…dy…” she mumbled in her sleep.

She flipped over on the sea moss-covered rock she was sleeping on. Her arms, which had been close to her chest, rolled off to hang off the sides of her rocky bed.

Slowly, Rose began to float from her rocky bed.

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Mellany and Rose continued walking down the spacious corridor. It wasn’t like the rest of the floors in the castle. It seemed to be longer, but wider, with no windows and less doors. It felt as if it was easier to breath in a way. 

“Hey, where’d you send Daltoneo?” asked Rose. 

Mellany shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe I killed him?” 

Rose giggled, waving her hand. “Nuh-uh, no way. That was not a killing spell.” 

“You understood what I said?” 

Rose shook her head. “The energy of the spell wasn’t a death spell.” 

Mellany raised her eyebrow and let out a doubtful laugh. 

“What does a death spell even look like?” 

“Hmmm…well, either green or almost solid. Something like that. I’m not one-hundred percent sure though since I’ve only ever heard stories or read about.” 

“So you don’t really know, do you?” 

“Hmmm…” Rose shrugged. “I guess not. But I bet Starry knows!” 

Mellany rolled her eyes. “Your dragon-fighting witch friend?” 

“Yeah! She is Lady of the Shooting Stars, after all!” 

“What does that even mean?” 

“She has access to special knowledge that none of us know about!” 

“Like the death spells?” 

Rose paused for a moment. “Maybe?” 

Mellany rolled her eyes once more as they reached the end of the hallway.

The entrance at the end of it was much smaller than the other entrances, most likely becaue of the lack of water. Instead of the strange layered rubber of the previous floors, this was a regular door that had no difference whatsoever to the other doors in the hallway. 

Mellany opened the door, Rose following in after her. 

They looked around at the packed bookshelves and messy desk, as well as the other furniture here and there. 

“This must be it,” said Mellany. Rose nodded in agreement.

After surveying over the area, Mellany walked towards the bookshelves. 

“Can you read?” she asked Rose, without turning to her. She scanned over the bookshelf and grabbed the first book that sounded like a good match. 

Rose giggled. “No, of course not, silly! Not human writing, at least.” 

Mellany sighed. “This is going to take a while.” 

Rose smiled and plopped herself down on the bed. “Okay!!” 

Rose peered over the edge of the battlement as she hummed to herself. She could see, ways down, was water. She turned to Mellany and pointed towards the water. “Look, Mellany! The water! That must have been where you pulled me from!” Rose leaned over once more. “How did I even get down there? That’s a long way down!” 

“I can’t look right now – be careful.” 

Mellany cracked open the book and began to skim through its contents. Every couple of pages, she kept glancing over at Daltoneo’s desk, where the journals were scattered & stacked all over. 

“Mellany! The fairies are pointing to the books on the desk!” 

“What fairies?” snapped Mellany. 

Rose flinched. 

Mellany frowned and turned to Rose. “I’m sorry about that. I didn’t mean to snap. What about the fairies?” 

Rose pointed to the desk. “They’re over there.” 

“I don’t see anything but books.” 

Rose raised her eyebrows. “You can’t?” 

Mellany shook her head. 

Rose shrugged. “Maybe I can see them because I’m a mermaid?” 

Mellany rolled her eyes. She put away the book in her hands back on the bookshelf and walked over towards the desk.

Mermaid, wizard, demons, and now fairies…

Mellany began flipping through the journals on the desk. Witth each book she moved, the stacks around her began to shake. 

Suddenly, the left-side stack collapsed and the books fell to the floor. One book, a tattered faded brown journal with a red bow etched into it, landed in front of her feet. Mellany couldn’t help but stare at it. She hestitantly picked it up, flipped it open, and there inside was a formula and incantation for turning a creature back to its normal form. 

Mellany gently rubbed her fingers over the page. Her mind began to fiill with adjustments to the directions that would better suit the magical ability of the staff. 

Rose closely observed Mellany as she moved her hand down the page. Mellany looked as if she had gone somewhere far away, if only briefly. She watched as the fairies peered up into Mellany’s face from in front of the book, without opening their mouths. 

Mellany closed the book with a single hand and placed it down on the desk. She lifted up her staff and turned back to Rose. “I found it.” 

Rose clapped. “I knew it!” 

Mellany walked over to Rose and tapped her lightly on the head with the tip of her staff. She stared at the point as she recited the words: 

“Reverse the spell;

All the way back;

Turn this creature; 

Back into that;

What it were;


What it were not; 

No more to be.” 

Mellany’s body tingled as the staff faintly glowed an assorment of colours. Rose shivered with a smile on her face as the colours engulfed her body. Her legs disappeared and twisted and stretched into a tail. Her fins reappeared near her ears and on her upper arms. 

Mellany pulled away the staff from Rose’s body.

The light faded and Rose shook like a dog shaking off water. She stopped and hopped up, her arms open wide, embracing Mellany in a hug. 

“I knew, I knew, I KNEW you could do it! Thank you so much!” 

Mellany was a bit taken a back. She looked at the glowing Rose, just before gently hugging her. “You’re welcome.” 

The two hugged each other for a good moment, just before content Rose inquired: “How are we getting back?” 

Mellany’s eyes went wide, then she fell to the ground. 

Rose curiously looked at her. “Are you okay?!” 

“I…I hadn’t thought of that.” 

Mellany was annoyed. 

With her face frozen with annoyance, she got up off the ground. 

A brushing ran underneath the right side of her chin and she heard the faint jingling of bells in the air. She followed it over to Daltoneo’s bookshelf and pulled off a book with dull purple-brown binding. 

After a quick skim through, she turned her face back to Rose. 

Mellany placed the book open to a page simply entitled “Teleport” on the bed. She hugged Rose with one arm and lifted her staff with another.

“Oh, magic of old 

I conjure thee 

To help bring me 

To where I please 

Take me to the beach!” 

In a flash of bright lilac-purple light, the two disappeared and reappeared faster than they could even process. 

They were back on the beach. 


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