Bubbles gently floated towards the surface as Rose’s bright reddish-pink hair swayed in the ebb & flow of the water. Rose’s relaxed sleeping face complimented the light breaths coming out from her mouth.

“Mmmm…can…dy…” she mumbled in her sleep.

She flipped over on the sea moss-covered rock she was sleeping on. Her arms, which had been close to her chest, rolled off to hang off the sides of her rocky bed.

Slowly, Rose began to float from her rocky bed.

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Mellany held out her hands in front her. She looked like she was about to laugh. “Are you sure you aren’t going to try and drown me? I mean, I was pretty nasty to you a few minutes ago.” 

Rose gasped, then puffing out her cheeks. She put her fists on her hips. “Mellanyyyyyy,” she whined. She crossed her arms. “You dare you think that!” 

Rose then puffed up her chest,  tilted her chin high into the air. She placed one fist on her chest ,one on her hip, looking proudly off into the distance. “I am a merperson of the Kingdom of Undinia, in the Region of Oceanica! Long ago, we used to drown sailors who would mess with our oceans or with us, but we no longer need to do that because people now care or they don’t interact with us!” 

Mellany pointed to the ocean behind Rose. “You’re from that ocean?” 

Rose nodded. “Mm-hm!” 

“…there’s a kingdom under that ocean?” 

Rose nodded. “Yep!” 

Rose excitedly clenched both of her fist, looking at Mellany with glittering eyes. “Yeah! It’s a beautiful place!” 

Rose let out a sigh and frowned. “Well, our Queen’s a big meanie and no one really likes her. The King isn’t too bad.” 

“That sounds like it sucks.” 

“Oh, no! It’s not all that bad!” Rose’s face lit back up once more. “Princess Nina is THE best! We can’t wait until she takes over!” 

“Princess Nina?” 

“Yeah! She’s the Princess of Undinia. She’ll take over for the king once he either steps down or dies. Well, I guess she’d also take over for the queen as well…but anyway, she’s SUPER nice! She cares about all of us! Including the groups that are usually ignored, like the other sea creatures.” 

“You guys talk to sea creatures?” inquired Mellany. 

“Yeah, of course! Don’t you talk to land animals?” 


Rose seemed confused. “Huh? You don’t? But I’ve seen you guys talking to them…” 

Mellany thought for a moment. “Oh. I guess we do talk to them, but we don’t understand what they’re saying. Are you guys able to understand them?” 

“One hundred PERCENT!!” 

There was a brief pause.

“…okay, more like…60%. We don’t all speak the same language, but we can learn how to from each other!” 

Mellany shifted her legs into pretzel style. She placed her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hands. She stared out into the ocean behind Rose before turning back to her. “I still can’t believe you guys are real.” 

Rose giggled. “I can’t believe you humans forgot we are real.” 

“Some still believe,” replied Mellany. “They also believe in things like fairies and dragons too.” 

Rose’s mouth dropped. “Humans think those are fictional too?!” 

Mellany opened her mouth to speak, but she paused. She was literally have a conversation with a mermaid right now. If mermaids were real, then why couldn’t fairies and dragons be too at this point? 

“Well, yeah. I wouldn’t have believed it either until just a few minutes ago.” 

“Huuuuh? Really?” asked Rose. She pointed to the charm on Mellany’s necklace. “Then why do you have a fairy star?” 

Mellany looked down at her own necklace. “This?” She grabbed it and lifted it up. “It’s a family heirloom.” 

Mellany’s pendant was a slightly raised bronze disk with a heptagram etched into its surface. There were specks of black from where the metal had been coloured once before, although most of it had rubbed off by then. 

Rose leaned in, intrigued. “Your family had it? Who originally owned it?” 

Mellany shrugged. “I don’t actually know. It was gifted to me on my thirteenth birthday.” She tucked it away. “It brings me a lot of comfort, so I like to keep it on me at all times.” 

Rose grinned. “I can see why!” 

Mellany raised an eyebrow. 

Rose blushed with delight. “Oooh, I wish Starry was heeeeere!!!” 

“Who’s that?” 

“My friend who’s battling dragons right now! She could literally tell you a thousand stories about all the different creatures out there!!” 

“How does a mermaid battle dragons?” asked Mellany. “Unless they’re water dragons…?” 

Rose waved her hand. “Oh, no, Starry isn’t a mermaid!” She placed her hand on her chin and scrunched her face. “Hmm…she’s like…something like a cross between a priestess, a knight, and witch.” She balled her fist and delightfully exclaimed, “She’s SOOOOOO amazing!” 


Rose and Mellany went silent. They exchanged looks. 

Neither one of them had been moving enough to sound other than a quiet whisper of a shift in the sand. 

Just as the two looked to the sound, lightning struck and the sillhouette of a young man appeared, leaping through the air. The bolt highlighted his edges, including an object in his hand, and provided just enough light to see his twisted smile. 

Startled, Rose and Mellany screamed. Mellany jumped backwards, out of the way of the man, moving herself next to Rose. 

The young man landed on one knee with his head down, eye closed. 

Rose and Mellany were both wide-eyed. 

The young man lifted up his head slightly, opening his eyes. He smirked. 


The young man had dirty blonde hair with a bowl cut. His green eyes drooped and his face was spotted with freckles across his checks and over his short nose. He wore a long black robe with large sleeves and a golden clasp, leaving it open to reveal his light blue button-up shirt, brown belt with a silver buckle, and his dark-coloured jeans. He wore black slip-on dress shoes. 

He slowly stood up, bringing his left arm forward, revealing the object once sillhouette by the lightning: 

A cheap, plastic pink princess wand. The rhinestone-embedded star outline with a crown was a pale metalic pink, while the rod that the man grasped was a bubble-gum pink, wrapped with a pale metalic pink sticker.The  three pieces of light pastel pink tulle hung underneath the star at its base gentle rustled in the shoeline wind. 

Rose and Mellany’s eyes were quickly drawn to the wand.

And then they gaffawed. The girls’ unrestrained laughs echoed through the beach air, causing a flock of seagulls to scurry away in the distance. 

“Is that…is that…a..PINK PRINCESS WAND?” asked Mellany between laughs. “From the DOLLAR Store?!” 

The man gritted his teeth. He thrust his finger forward at her. “How DARE you insult my GREAT and POWERFUL wand!” He then proceeded to hug it. “After I broke the wand the Mistress gave me, she refused to get me a new one until I could prove I could be responsible for myself! So I grabbed THIS!” He held out the wand. “And it has been my most powerful companion EVER SINCE!” He then bent his arm across his chest. “And I do not take insulting it lightly!” 

Rose and Mellany stared blankly at him. 

The man looked annoyed. 

“Uuuuum,” said Rose, raising her hand. “Who are you?” 

“Me? I am DALTONEO! And I am the most GREATEST WIZARD around here!” He stood proudly. 

Mellany rolled her eyes. “First a mermaid, now a wizard. What’s next, a fairy?” 

Daltoneo smirked. “There won’t be anything next.” He pulled back his left arm and thrust it forward. A bolt of light shot out from the crown tip of the plastic wand. 

Rose and Mellany gasped. Rose quickly leapt into the water. Mellany rolled out of the way, dodging it by a hair. 

Daltoneo cackled. 

Mellany’s fist tightened. Her brow deeply furrowed. She let out a warrior cry and leapt to her feet. She pulled back her fist and swung it forward at Daltoneo’s face. 

Daltoneo’s lips pursued as he moved out of the way of Mellany’s flying fist. He aimed his wand at her once more, attempting to strike her with magic. 

Mellany and Daltoneo went back and forth. For each swing Mellany took, Daltoneo fired back with magic. 

“Come back here, creep!” snapped Mellany. 

“Heh heh.” Daltoneo smirked. 

The two of them moved around the area in square. From the wet-sand shoreline to the crunchy dry grains underneath their feet, they moved all around. Rose looked on in awe from behind a rock – the battle almost looked like a dance. 

Mellany began to throw kicks into the mix of her flying punches. 

Daltoneo’s face lit up, before twisting once more. He tapped his head with his wand just as Mellany went in for another kick. 


The next thing Mellany knew, she was kicked in the back and landing face-first into the dry sand. 

Mellany lifted up her body and spit out sand from her mouth. “What the f––” 

Daltoneo stepped on her back once more, pointed his want at her, and struck her with a beam of ice blue light. 

Rose gasped. 

Daltoneo whipped into her direction. He smirked. 

Rose dove back into the water in a panic. She frantically scurried away as fast as she could. 

Daltoneo stood on the water’s edge. He lifted up his arms, genty placing his right hand over his left. As he quickly brought them down, the body of a serpertine-like creature came into existance and dove right into the ocean as it continued to form.

The creature sped forward at a frightening pace, quickly closing in on Rose. 

Rose closed her eyes and continued moving forward, silently hoping that whatever was behind her wasn’t out to get her. 

The serpertine sea creature swam just above Rose, opened its jaw, and dove down chomping her around the waist. 

Rose shrieked and soon blacked out. 


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