Hi, I’m trainerkelly! This is the “Stories” section of TrainerKelly’s Network (at least it is for now).

Q & As

What can I find here?

You can find rough drafts of the short stories I am working on at the moment! This may expand out to comics and other forms of rough drafts.

When do you post?

At this time, short story drafts are available from September 7th, 2021 and onward. I post them every two weeks at midnight ET.

How can I access them?

For short story drafts, you must be a Patreon supporter contributing a minimum of $5 per month. If you are not currently one and would like to be one, please sign up on my Patreon page! There are a bunch of other cool perks too, so it’s definitely not a bad thing to sign up for.

As for other kinds of drafts, I’m not sure at the moment! I am focusing on writing short stories at this time.

When I begin to post illustrations that go along with the stories (not filler art, which is what you will commonly see) , they will be accessible to tiers as low as a $1!

I can’t/won’t do Patreon. Is there another way I can access the drafts?

At the moment, there is no other way.

Mainly because I can easily do a membership-style site with Patreon as a log-in. I can’t do that with other platforms at the moment and I am currently not willing to do on-site memberships (I will be though in the future).

I will let you know when this changes!

Are there any story drafts I can access for free?

You can access excerpts wherever I post them. You can read them on here, on Rambles, on my Discord server, Patreon posts, Ko-Fi posts, Buy Me a Coffee posts, Twitter (mainly my personal one), Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Audio Rambles. Heck, even TikTok!

And they won’t always be the same parts either, so you’ll get tastes of different parts of the story.

Keep in mind that the finalized versions of the stories will be released for free. When they’re all edited, laid out, and filled with illustrations, they will be released for your reading pleasure! If you just can’t wait and you have the ability to, definitely consider being a Patreon supporter with at least the $5 tier!

When will the finalized versions be available?

I do not have an estimate time yet because I’m only at the beginning! This is my first time writing so much this often. You will know when I do.

You can follow me on all the social media pages, community, and/or sign up for the newsletter to be notified when the finalized versions are available: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | YouTube | Patreon | Ko-Fi | Buy Me a Coffee | Discord | Newsletter

Can I be a beta reader (non-Patreon supporter)?

Beta readers are a position that is earned, not asked for. I will grant it to you, if I feel like you are a good fit and you most likely won’t even be expecting it.

What else do I get as a Patreon supporter?

Perks include exclusive merchandise (starting at $5), providing general support, custom Discord title & Patreon-only Discord category, and shoutouts where I can appropriately place them. You can see the full details on my Patreon page.

Why didn’t you read your rough drafts yet?

I have been writing since I was in 4th grade. Over the years, I found it best to write the first draft and then let it sit for a while before I actually go to edit it. When I let it sit for a while, I go into it with completely fresh eyes and more open to making it better. I find editing the stories too soon results in a weaker story.

That’s why you’ll find a whole lot of problems with the rough (first) drafts – I’m not reading them before I’m posting them. You are actually reading them before me. The cool thing about that though is that you’ll get to see how I transform everything with each draft. You can see the “sketch” of the story in the rough draft. You can then watch as I “color” it with each and every draft until it is finally finished. And honestly, I think that’s pretty cool – I would love for you to join me on my journey to finishing each and every story!

You should at least read through your stories once before posting.

No. I don’t want to until I go edit them and I’m not doing the edits until later…so no.

Well, you should _________.






Hey! I have some feedback on the story you posted – where can I give you it?

Thank you SO much for wanting to give me feedback – feedback of any kind! I’m sure you want the stories improved just as much as I do, however:

I will NOT be accepting criticisms at this time. I will REJECT MOST, IF NOT ALL CRITICISMS PRIOR TO OPENING CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK. I will announce when I am accepting constructive feedback.

To summarize: I will tell you when to tell me, not you tell me whenever you want to.

Don’t be discouraged by the above – there are still other kinds of feedback you can provide me! These include:

  • what you liked and didn’t like about the story so far (minus obvious issues like glaring spelling and grammar errors, etc.);
  • your favorite parts and your least favorite parts;
  • questions regarding characters and the world they inhabit;
  • characters you enjoyed and characters you didn’t (or even characters you love how they are written, but hate the character themselves!);
  • theories on what is happening during and around the story;
  • requests for additional stories featuring the same place and/or the same characters – who would you like to see more of? Where would you like to see more of?

Your feedback seriously inspires me! For all you know, you may have an influence on where I take my works…and that is pretty dang cool.

(NOTE: Regardless of draft, I can reject ALL feedback!)

You should accept criticism now because ________.


This isn’t me being like “oOh nOoOoOo sOmEbOdY dOeSn’T lIkE mY wOrK” – it’s literally because I’m in a draft writing stage right now. I have no interest in have people complain about all the spelling, grammar, and missing word mistakes when I haven’t even took a red pen to it yet.

I also know that I will ask for it when I’m ready.

And before you say “you’ll never be ready” – I call complete bullcrap on that.

If you don’t like how I operate and won’t accept it, you can leave.

Other Notes

You also under that you do not own the rights to the stories and you are not an investor.

By using this website you agree to not share the stories without permission. You may link the stories to others, along with short excerpts.

I have the right to revoke your reading privilege at any time.