Hi, I’m trainerkelly! This is the “Stories” section of TrainerKelly’s Network (at least it is for now).

Q & As

What can I find here?

You can find rough drafts of the short stories I am working on at the moment! This may expand out to comics and other forms of rough drafts.

When do you post?

I started posting hort story drafts from September 7th, 2021 and onward. I post them every two weeks at midnight ET, although I may periodically take a break.

How can I access them?

Stories are FREE to read, but early access (and an ad-free reading experience!) is available through the Membership.

Do I have to have the Membership?

Only for early access to the stories. Stories are free otherwise.

When will the finalized versions be available?

I do not have an estimate time yet because I’m only at the beginning! This is my first time writing so much this often. You will know when I do.

You can follow me on all the social media pages, community, and/or sign up for the newsletter to be notified when the finalized versions are available: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | YouTube | Patreon | Ko-Fi | Buy Me a Coffee | Discord | Newsletter

Can I be a beta reader?

Beta readers are a position that is earned, not asked for. I will grant it to you, if I feel like you are a good fit and you most likely won’t even be expecting it.

Who do you write for?

I write for me.

No, really, whose your demographic?

Me. I am my own demographic.

I used to say I write for teenagers because my works have an anime & manga influences and the bulk of my works are from my teenage years, but I ultimately decided that wasn’t true and was constricting.

I’ve also attempted to come up with ideas of my demographic, but it literally kept coming back to “I am my own target demographic”. This flies in the face of everything I’ve learned, but yeah…I’m my own demographic.

I just share it with you.

Well, you must have SOMEONE other than you that you are writing for.

Nope. It’s literally me.

It took me a long time to get to the point where I realize I can only write for me.

I even sometimes slip-up and go all up in my head and start to “figure out” how to write for others.

But nope – others benefit from the fact I write for me.

So I’m just going to write.

If you write for you, why do you share it with me?

I actually have no idea.

There’s just something really deep within my core that compels me to do just that.

I’d like to think my stories will be making an impact of some sort, but I won’t know how until…well, the impact shows up.

I would love to provide you with feedback!

Hey, thank you so much for wanting to provide feedback!

Please refrain from ANY criticisms and corrections of content at this time. ALL CRITICISMS AND CORRECTIONS will be REJECTED.

Why don’t you accept criticism? It can help you improve!

In all my time alive, I have found time and time again that the amount of times criticism was helpful can be counted on a single hand.

And the few times it was helpful, it spark curiosity in me to go deeper.

Most of the time though, criticism results in three things for me: confusion, people pleasing, and anger.


I get my wires crossed. Someone gives me constructive feedback/criticism and I’m left feeling confused – did I miss something? Did I do something wrong? Do I suck at writing? What’s wrong with what I wrote? I don’t see it. Even walking away for a while and looking back on it with fresh eyes, with their critique in mind, I still don’t see it. Do I change it to what other people want? Or do I just leave it? Will it actually make a better story or no? No, I don’t think so, but what if people hate me?

I end up constricted.

People Pleasing

There is a fear that people will hate my works and the pressure to do everything that other people like – even if it conflicts with each other – is enormous. That if I don’t change everything in my work to “fix” everything their criticism brought up, not only will they hate my works, they will hate me and dislike me and I’ll be abandoned.

Now, I know this is not true. Not true in the slightest (okay, maybe it has some truth to it – my works will obviously have people who don’t like it and won’t like my works unless I can do everything perfectly, but lol oh well).

I think a lot of this comes from spending a lot of the 2010s just generally doing what other people told me to do because I wanted them to shut up. It resulted in really, really deep depression and wanting to give up on life in general. Although I’ve increasingly stopped doing that over the years, especially after 2017, there are still times the temptation comes up.


The anger, believe it or not, isn’t really at the criticism itself but rather…the halt to creative flow (and you really don’t want to do that), it creates confusion, and prompts my people pleasing.

I also feel anger over…redundancy.

I am probably years ahead of you in your criticisms.

I’m already aware of what you are giving me feedback on and most likely have been for years.

I have already spent time with the very thing you are saying would improve my work and have ultimately determined that, no it wouldn’t.

At this point the lack of change is deliberate.

I know, that’s probably a scary and mind-boggling thought for some of you.

(On a rare occasion though, it’s because need more information before I make the change and I’m having difficulty finding it.)

It’s Mostly Just Your Opinion

The best criticisms and the ones that inspire me are more like observed truths than your opinion. It’s the things I can actually deep dive and do research on. Or at the very least, have fun with it.

Telling me you don’t like me you don’t like how I repeat words to “build suspense” because “it doesn’t work” is your opinion. Telling me my work is confusing and you don’t understand it is not (potentially, at least).

Telling me you don’t like how I draw my noses is your opinion. Telling me that for the style I am drawing that my head shape is wrong is not.

I’m Casual

Another thing too to keep in mind that my approach to writing (and art) is actually very casual.

I think it has to do a lot that I actually don’t have an interest in the art (or science) of writing (or art for that matter).

I’m extremely appreciative of my skills and LOVE them so much – like, it’s amazing that I am even as skilled as I am.

I would rather talk to you about web development and the Japanese language over the art & science of writing and illustration. By a long shot.

Literally, don’t ask me how you can become a better writer or artist because I don’t know. I got to where I got today through mimicking what I was attracted to, observing many things, and tweaking my approach based on what I observed. That’s it.

Let Me Show You Another Way

If you are skeptical or curious on how exactly I do what I do without following conventions, I invite you to come watch me! Observe my journey!

Let me show you another way.

This can potentially be so much fun for you! You can expand your viewpoint, see more possibilities, or at the very least be able to laugh at me if I do, in fact, seem to crash and burn (not that I will).

Seriously – just come and watch!

Other Notes

You also under that you do not own the rights to the stories and you are not an investor.

By using this website you agree to not share the stories without permission. You may link the stories to others, along with short excerpts.

I have the right to revoke your reading privilege at any time.

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