[UPDATES] SUPER ADVANCED TRAINEE EXCLUSIVES: New Categories – Work in Progress and Earlier Versions!

I am pleased to announce that there are now two brand new categories: Work in Progress and Earlier Versions. Both categories are EXCLUSIVE to the Super Advanced Trainee tier. This means that they are not accessible through the Basic Trainee or Super Trainee tiers.

Work in Progress

Work in Progress is just how it sounds – it is a category dedicated to the works I currently have in progress.

Once I complete work on the story for the day (or the week or whenever, just in case I forget or haven’t written enough), I post it for you to read – despite the fact it’s currently unfinished.

This is great for you, if you’re a Super Advanced Trainee, because you probably can’t wait very long for more of my stories. I really don’t blame you either – I can’t wait to share it with you! Like…I really can’t wait.

Hence why this category now exists.

For you super fans.

Will a Single Post Be Updated?

No. Each time there is an update (or a substantial update because, to be honest with you, sometimes I write 3 to 5 sentences in a day before I stop), I will make a new post until the draft is completed. Once the draft is completed, the full draft will be accessible to both Super Trainees and Super Advanced Trainees first, then be available publicly at a later date.

How often will you post work-in-progress posts?

It entirely depends on how often I am writing. Sometimes I’m very consistent and will write every single day, while other times I don’t write for weeks or months. You’ll know.

Earlier Versions

This new category deals with the original version(s) of the stories, before I started writing their most recent version(s). Some of my stories here at the start of my writing process are based on works I did either in elementary or middle school, while some came about during high school or later. I wanted to be able to share those original or older versions with you for inspiration, insight, and just because it’s pure fun. Seriously – the imagination of my younger self is hilarious to read.

This is perfect for you super fans – Super Advanced Trainees. You get more content and you get to dive deeper into the worlds I have created by seeing former incarnations of them.

The early version is set to be released September 1st, 2022.

Do All Stories Have Earlier Versions?

No. Not all stories have earlier versions, therefore you won’t always see them.

If you redo a draft, will you change the previous version to this category?

No. If I do a new first draft for a story, I will leave the original first draft where it is. This category only applies to drafts done before *2020.

* I started posting stories on here in September 2021, but the first few drafts were written in 2020.

When will you be posting the earlier versions and how often?

The earlier versions will be posted on Thursdays. They will be posted infrequently. I will only post them after the first draft of the new version has been completed (i.e. not while the work-in-progress draft is being posted).

Anything for the Other Tiers?

Not at the moment. Super Trainees will get early access as planned. If you need a full overview of all the perks for each tier, please visit the Tiers & Perks page.

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