[UNEDITED FIRST DRAFT] Shock Bite (Temp Title)


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The final clap of the day and the shout of “THAT IS A WRAP” broke through Vainstrel’s flow. It deflated faster than a balloon losing air. The emptiness he was left with, as per usual, was huge. He made his way back to his seat and collapsed into the chair. Surrounding him quickly were numerous assistants, stripping him of everything he was wearing – make-up, wigs, most of his clothes. 

“You def look like you need sleep,” remarked the make-up artist, a rather trendy looking cyclops who looked out of place in the plain “STAFF” t-shirt he was wearing. “You sure you don’t need some help?” 

Vainstrel, just as his regular shirt was slipped onto him, placed his hand on his chest. The kitsune – only partially transformed – glared at him, but Vainstrel paid no mind. He was about to speak! “Your kindness is appreciated, Ceallach. And it has reached my heart well.” He pointed his finger up in the air. “But though my role is done for today, I shall continue on playing the great hero!” 

He could hear a mixture of giggles and cheers from around him. Yes – I play the hero beyond the stage. 

“Vainstrel, put down your arms,” snapped Airi the kitsune. She took a hold of Vainstrel’s arms and shoved them down. “And stand up.” 

Vainstrel scoffed. “You dare interrupt my speech?” 

Airi’s lips twisted. “Who could say?” 

Vainstrel stared at the flickering playfulness within the fox-girl’s eyes, before giving in. He stood up. “For you, Airi, I shall stand and make your job easier than the water flowing in a stream.” 


Airi finished dressing Vainstrel back up within seconds. Upon securing his cape, Vainstrel grasped the front edges, wrapped himself, and tossed it aside, allowing it to almost look like it was flowing in the wind. 

He extended his hand out in front of him. “Thank you all once again for another day to remember! I shall see you all again tomorrow!” 

With that, he dramatically turned on his heel and strutted out the door, simply giving everyone a wave he hoped was more than enough to make his thanks and gratitude a point. 

He strutted down the hallway, out the doors of the performance hall in which he had been rehearsing, and well down the walkways farther from the building, not once letting down his head. However…the second he could no longer see the hall in sight, his body began to fold. 

Sixteen hours full of love, of drama, and of action. There is nothing more I could ask for, other than some drops of blood to replenish me once more for the day so that I can make it home safe. Vainstrel dipped into his pockets, reaching for his vials of blood he carried with him. He fished them out in handfuls…noticing each and every one of them was empty

Vainstrel dropped down to a knee, looking down at all the empty vials in his hand. “What is THIS? Nothing more than specks of blood fill these vials?” He dug out more from his pocket and sure enough…nothing. “Surely, I must have planned properly…is there a mistake? Or had a made a grave error?” 

After digging out each vial and seeing that they were all, indeed empty, his already pale face turned green and he dropped to his other knee. I do not have anything to restore me! The vials poured through his fingers and onto the grass and cobblestone below him, making both a clinking and gentle crunching sound. 

How could I make such a miscalculation and risk putting myself at such a terrible fate? A single tear began to shed. I can only hope that one finds me soon enough, before the start of the show. Vainstrel hung his head. 

Vainstrel allowed his body to collapse onto the ground. He stared up at the trees, with their bare branches, and the light of the sun over the horizon. peeking through, although it was still dark enough to see the stars. He closed his eyes slowly, allowing his weakness to envelope his body even more rapidly than before. 

I thought I had been careful as I had all the other times…was this day particularly grueling? Why oh why must I lie here to shrivel? Why?

As his consciousness faded and he could feel himself drifting off into sleep, the faintest, sweet scent of herbs wafted his way. He sprung up immeditately, whipping his head into the direction of the alluring scent of magic. 

There, in the distance, not too far from where he had been ready to slumber, someone he could see was a witch

He stood up immeditately. What good fortune is this?! Have a been blessed? Most surely I have! 

He scooped his glass vials that had been laying on the ground back into his pocket. His eyes stayed locked on the witch in the distance. 

He had no idea what she looked like in the front, but from the back, he could see that she was wearing a yellow dress with puffy sleeves and a puffy skirt, accented with dark brown and black. Around her waist was most likely a black corset and she wore black boots that reached up to her thighs. Her permanently sun-kissed skin perfectly paired with her hay-colored, curly blond hair that was neatly placed to the left-side of her head in a high ponytail. Her steps seemed to have a bit of a skip in them, causing her ponytail to jump all over the place. 

Vainstrel jumped up to his feet upon finishing picking up his vials (minus a few he missed because he needed food. NOW.)

His feet were light to the point you couldn’t even hear them on the cobblestone. The most noise he made was a whoosh similar to the wind that gentle shook the tree branches. He source of sustances surely would not be able to detect him. 

He was close to the witch within a matter of seconds. His fang teeth, which usually stayed perfectly hidden within his mouth, grew large and his mouth watered. So much magic, so much blood, and so unguarded. I need enough to return home to safety and arrive to rehersals on time. ‘Tis all, ’tis all. 

He reached out his arms towards her shoulders. His teeth hovered near the exposed skin of between her shoulder and her neck. 

He grabbed her shoulders and sunk his teeth into her soft flesh. 

Then came the sudden pain of voltage surging through his teeth, gums, and entire body, along with a yelp he could only be partially sure wasn’t his. 

And then…darkness. 


Vainstrel’s eyes fluttered. What is this shade that shields my eyes from daybreak? 

His vision finally cleared, seeing the smirking face of a beautiful young woman stairing down at him with beautifully large brown eyes that seemed to be decorated by dramatic make-up. Her eyes seemed to glint with the light of a lightning storm. 

With one hand on her cheek, the young woman said, “that’s what you get for dealing with an elemental witch.” She laughed. 

Or rather, she giggled.

She giggled with the beauty of a chiming fairy bell. 

Vainstrel licked his teeth, which had mostly shrunk back into his mouth, feeling little bits of blood. But mostly, there was a lingering pain in his gums and his whole body. 

But the fatigue he had been feeling was gone. 

If anything, he felt better than ever before! 

My, what was that shock? Vainstrel placed both hands on his body, one on his chest and one on his stomach, staring up at the beautiful woman. Even now, it is as if the current is still corsing throughout my body. The pain itself bareable for such a jolt. 

His eyes opened wide and gasped. 

Vainstrel stood up. The young woman, startled, fell backwards onto her butt. Vainstrel turned around and got onto his knees, grabbing both of her hands. “LADY OF MAGIC! Never have I, in my life as a vamp, encountered such a life-giving jolt! The pain in which was given to me through the piercing of your flesh is nothing in comparison to the freedom and lightness I can feel throughout my entire being!” He lifted one hand up into the air. “What blessing has been bestowed up me, being hit by such a shock!” He returned his hand back to the young woman – the witch from earlier – grasping both of her hands once more. “Please, do tell, lady of magic, what is your dear name?” 

The witch stared at him with her big brown eyes. Her playful smile from earlier had faded, replaced by one of confusion. She was still smiling, but most certainly confused. Her fairy-chime giggle returned. “You’re funny.”

Vainstrel blushed.

“I’m Spark Alamental.” The witch grinned. “What’s your name?” 

“A name that suits you beyond compare.” Vainstrel cast back his cape and bowed his head. “Vainstral Balan, it is a pleasure, Lady Spark.” 

He lightly clasped one of her hands in his. “My dear lady Spark, I do apologize for the sudden intrusion and disruption to your day. The foolishness of hunger had settled in for me due to an unfortunate missight on the part of me.” 

“You’re hungry?” 

“Yes, that I quite am.” Vainstrel sighed. “The jolt in which you had given me through means unknown has shook me away, perhaps enough to be on my way, but yes, I am quite a hungry for blood as it is for a vampire such as I.” 

He watched Spark tap her cheek and glance off to the side. Something seemed playful about her actions. The witch leaned forward, smiling right into his face. “Hmm…well, Mr. Vainstrel, if you’re really that hungry, I don’t mind giving you some blood.” 

Vainstrel brought her hand close to his chest. “Are you certain? And please – you may just call me Vainstrel.” 

“Yeah, I’m sure about it. I just gotta tone down my electricity.” 

Vainstrel paused for a moment. Was that it? “Electricty, you say?” 

“Yeah,” replied Spark. “I told you – I’m an elemental witch.” 

Vainstrel nodded just enough for it to be seen easily by Spark. I see…I see. Lady Spark is an elemental witch…housing an element within the temple of her own body. “Lady Spark, I would love to be able to suck your blood and feel the current of electricity within my body once more.” 

“Okay, good!” Spark used her free hand to cover it to giggle once more. “I can’t turn off the electricty, but I can tone it down a lot. Just give me a moment. 

“That is more than okay, my lady.”

Vainstrel released Spark’s hand as the young woman turned around. 

Vainstrel could sniff the change in scent in Spark. The peppery tone that seemed to be prominent in her aura had been dramatically turned down.  I see…I see. A peppery-scent for her electrical current housed within her. A current she can control…my…my…my…how fascinating a person she. 

“You can suck now.” Vainstrel watched Spark’s fingers  gently caress the spot he had bitten into not too long ago. 

Vainstrel got to his knees. He carefully lowered his hands onto her warm shoulders. His vision seemed shaky. Am I…trembling? For what am I trembling for? 

His stomach bubbled up. If it wasn’t for the smile on his own face, he would have thought he was nervous. 

He opened his mouth wide, allowing his teeth to grow once more. He leaned forward into the spot that he had pieced before. This time, though, rather than crunching into her skin, he gently pierced it with his teeth. 

He could feel little jolts of electricty dancing around his teeth, but it was nothing like it had been before. Still though…his body seemed to warm just from the feeling of it going up his teeth. He could actually feel his toes! 

The taste of her blood was also perfect. Perfectly balanced, he could taste each mineral within it and the embued magic that was imbedded within her blood was deliciously herby and peppery. Nothing fresh nor stored has ever tasted as complex as this. 

Vainstrel lifted up his teeth licking the blood off from his fangs. He unrolled his tongue and gently licked the holes where he had punctured her skin. He could feel her flinch with each gentle lick of his tongue. She is of true perfection. 

With a final lick, he lifted his head and released her shoulders. He watched Spark to him with a flushed faced and bated breath. Her long fingers brushed against where he had punctured her. Vainstrel couldn’t help but feel elated seeing the absolute look of surprise upon the witch’s face.

“WHOA, they’re almost closed up!” 

Vainstrel nodded. “Yes, my lady. It is a specialty of ours to be able to heal the wounds that we inflict with our fangs.” 

Vainstrel could feel warmth throughout his entire body. Looking down at himself, he could see his skin had returned back to his normal pale white color, although perhaps with a slight bit more pigmentation than normal. Did I drink more than necessary? 

His eyes shifted over to Spark, who had suddenly appeared underneath him, looking straight up into his eyes. Vainstrel jumped. 

Spark giggled. “Are you okay now?” 

“Y-yes, my dear Spark, I feel restored to life once more, in great thanks to you.” 

“Tee hee, that’s wonderful!” Spark clasped her hands together.

Vainstrel gazed at her as if she were a bright super full moon, illuminating everything from within the darkness with her breathtaking glow. Her smile, her eyes, everything about her embodied the beauty of lightning itself. Vainstrel couldn’t really even put into words what he was feeling. And he always had words. Always. 

He watched Spark’s knees enter into his vision field. He looked up, seeing the witch waving at him. “Welp, I gotta get back to work now. See you later, Vainstrel!” 


Spark began to walk off. 

Vainstrel gasped and sprung up off the ground, quickly grabbing her hand. “W-wait! Please!” 

Spark turned to him, cocking her head. “Is there something wrong?” 

Vainstrel pulled her hand close to his chest. “What can I do to thank you for all that you have given me for today?” 

Spark’s mouth gapped. 

Vainstrel stared intensely into her eyes. “Please, allow me to return the kindness to you one day soon.” 

Spark’s cheeks turned a light pink. “Uh…I appreciate it, but it’s okay. There really is no need. There isn’t particularly anything I want at the moment.” 

“No, there must be something in which you desire!” 

Spark paused for a moment. Vainstrel watched her tap her cheek numerous times. 

What an adorable gesture in which she uses. 


Vainstrel tightened his hands around Spark’s. “Perhaps we could exchange our telephone addresses of the numerical value so we may discuss the future?”

“You mean my phone number?” 

“Yes, that would be correct.” 

Vainstrel released Spark’s hand as she gently pulled it away. He watched her reach into her skirt pocket and pull out a phone. “Yeah, sure!” replied Spark. “Let’s do that!” 

Vainstrel whipped out his own phone. He opened up the contact exchange application on his phone. The two of them tapped their phones together and with a confirmation BING, they both exchanged numbers, names, profile picture, and even email addresses. 

Then came a second DING DING DING from Spark’s phone.

“Oh no! I’m late!” Spark exclaimed. She clasped both of her cheeks. She put her phone back into her pocket. “I am sooooo sorry, Vainstrel! I REALLY have to go now!” 

“It is all right, my lady Spark. Please take your leave and I shall see you again another day.” Vainstrel lifted up her hand and gave her a gentle kiss.

“Yeah, see you,” replied Spark. He could see the pink on her cheeks get even more flushed as she turned on her heel and skipped off. 

The moment Vainstrel could no longer see Spark, he collapsed onto his knees. He held his phone in both of his hands, looking down at the address book page of Spark. His body was trembling, staring down at her photo. Her glinting eyes and playful green touched his cold heart in ways he had never known and only dreamed of. 

He was completely smitten. 

Perfect blood and electricity to boot. A glittering gaze and a smile to match the electricty of her body. A beauty that could rival the moon. He brought the phone even closer to his face.

I must make her mine! 

He turned his gaze up to where she had previously stood. 

I will get a blood contract from her. 


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