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Ding Ding Ding, La la la, teddy bears are everywhere! 

Sadia finished putting the last stitch on her newest teddy bear – a small, bluish-grey coloured one with soft fur and coal grey eyes – just under her neck as her phone went off. The ringtone repeated the same song over and over as she snipped the thread and placed down the bear on the ground in front of her. She lifed herself up and off the giant teddy bear of different shades of bluish-grey, no fur, and just a few inches shorter than she was, and shuffled her way through her ocean of plushies to her phone. 

She lifted up her cellphone and slid her finger up on the screen. She tapped the speaker button and listened.

“Hello?” asked a young woman’s voice. 

“Hiiiii,” replied Sadia. 

“Is this Sadia?” 

“Of course!” Sadia giggled. 

“Great. Professor Shady and Professor Brat wanted me to invite you to the lab to greet the newest do–” 

Sadia let out an excited gasp, prompting the young woman on the other side of the phone to go silent. Her face lit up and she leapt up in glee. “He’s awake?!” 

“Yes,” replied the woman with a slight infliction of annoyance in her voice. 

Sadia yelped. “Does Flavio know?!” 

“…that’s the other thing. He hasn’t replied yet. Are you able to make sure he got the message?” 

“Yes!” replied Sadia. 

“Great, see you soon.” 


Sadia clapped her hands together, her cellphone still in one hand. She jumped up and down a few times, giggling as she did. Her sugary blue pigtails bounced with each motion she took. 

She slid her phone into her pocket hidden in the seam of her dress. She skipped out of her bedroom and into the living room, stopping in front of a three shelves of teddy bears with more colours than the rainbow.

Each bear on the shelf was no more than 6 inches tall. Each one was made from solid colour fabrics, with varying hues, tints, and shades. Each bear sat in a short, square bin the same colour as the bears  that was full of additional items, ranging from candy to tea. Each set was wrapped in cellophane and tied closed at the top with a ribbon matching the colour of the bear. 

Sadia placed her finger on her lip and stood on the tip of her toes. She leaned forward, scanning each teddy. She ended up settling on a pink and bluish-grey bear. 

Sadia walked to her front door, grabbed a small book bag, and slipped the bear inside. The grin on her face grew as she skipped out the door. 


Sadia stopped in front of a purple door with a yellow sign reading “FLAVIO” on it. The door pulsed with the musical beats coming from just beyond it. Sadia rocked on her heels, awaiting for a moment of silence in the music. 

Ah, and there it was, the moment of silene. 

Sadia began to furiously knock on the door. 

“Sadia, is that you?!” called a flamboyant young man’s voice from the other side. 

Sadia then burst through the door and into the entrance way of the apartment, which also acted as a living room. “Yep! It’s me!” 

“I didn’t say you could come in.” 

Sadia hopped over to Flavio and stood behind him. 

Flavio stood in front of a DJ’s turn table. His setup was designed to be both analogue and digital, so he could do whatever he wanted. His turn table lit up with neon lights of various colours. 

His living room was lit up my a black light, making everything that could glow in the purple light glow. Whites stood out, the neon paint splatter on the walls really stood out. Additional coloured lighting on the ceiling really transformed Flavio’s living room to a night club’s dancefloor. 

The only furniture he had in the living room was a couch and two side tables and a lamp that sat on the left-side side table. Above his couch were shelves filled mostly with vinyls, although books and CDs were scattered throughout. There also was a single teddy bear drooping at the end of the bottom shelf farthest to the right. 

“Did you get the phone call?” asked Sadia. 

“No, I’ve been practicing all morning,” replied Flavio. He turned around behind him and flicked a switch. The black light turned off and on came the regular lighting. He then reached over to the side table on the right-hand side beside him and lifted up his phone. 

“The other dolly woke up!” announced Sadia, leaning in over Flavio, who was scrolling through his messages. “We should get going before it gets any later.” 

Flavio raised an eyebrow. “It’s not even noon yet.” 

“But you know Dr. Gladier likes to do a lot of exams on us. If the new dolly JUST woke up, there will be even more exams for him to be doing.” 

“He didn’t call you right away when I woke up,” replied Flavio. He clicked his tongue as he continued to scroll through his list of messages. They were all from various people, although it did appear the woman who called from Dr. Gladier’s labortary spammed him more times than he would have preferred. 

“Oh, no, he didn’t, but we don’t know that! He’s gonna be the…the…” Sadia looked down at her fingers and counted. Under her breath, she listed both her and Flavio’s names. She then held up three fingers over Flavio’s shoulder. “Three! He’s gonna be the third one!” 

Flavio shooed her hand away and turned. “I suppose I could go.” He folded one arm, holding the other one with his cellphone up. “I do need a bit of a break.” 

Sadia gleefully giggled. She grabbed Flavio’s arm and yanked him. “Come! Let’s go meet him.” 

“I can walk myself, thank you very much!” 


Sadia giggled and tapped her fingertips together repeatedly. “What do you think he’s going to be like?” she asked, looking to Flavio a short distance behind her. 

Flavio made a shooing motion with his hand. “It doesn’t matter.” 

Sadia stopped in her tracks, turning to Flavio. She was puzzled. “You’re not excited about making a new friend?”

Flavio continued to walk past her down the long hallway. “Who said he’d be my friend.” 

Sadia trailed behind Flavio. “Huh? What else would he be?” 

If Flavio’s hair wasn’t shaped like a waxing cresent moon at the top of his head, he would have flipped his hair. Instead, he brushed his neck just underneath his ear. “Just another nusiance, like you.” 

Tears filled Sadia’s eyes as she shuttered in place. “I’m a…NUSIANCE?!” 

Flavio laughed. “I suppose you are not that bad.” 

Sadia’s face immeditately lit up again. “You think?” 

Flavio flashed her a smug smile. 

The two of them rounded the corner and went into the first door on the left. Inside was a recepitionist desk with a computer and several waiting chairs were scattered about. The strong scent of fresh-baked apple pie filled the air. 

A young woman with black hair in a ponytail walked out of an open-door room, carrying a slice of apple pie. Her apple hair pin glistened under the ceiling lights as she walked back to her seat. 

Sadia skipped over to the desk and raised her hand with a wavy. “Hiiii, Victorina!” 

The young woman forced a smile, her fang teeth showing more promintently. “Hi Sadia.” 

Flavio and Victorina exchanged looks. Flavio smirked and Victorina frowned. 

Victorina placed her apple pie down on the desk and walked around it. She motioned to the two of them to come with her and the walked with her to a door. They entered and walked down a short hallway, just before entering through two large double doors. 

Inside the double doors was a large warehouse lined with numerous electronic equipment, books, vials, and other sorts of things. If it hadn’t been for the electronic equipment, it would have been significantly colder. However, it was a pretty comfortable temperature – not warm enough to not wear a light jacket, but not cold enough to be unbearable. 

In the middle of the room was an operation table, a tray, and various supplies. A short distance away was a monitor on a rolling cart, as well as a stationary desk with two computer monitors and numerous binders, notebooks, papers, and a few pens. 

A young person who couldn’t be any older than 15 with blonde hair, styled to look like a conical beehive, clacked away at the computer. Standing behind the young person was an older gentleman with small glasses, slightly hunched back, and an oversized head faced a young man with blue skin and long, wavy pink hair. The older man and the younger one engaged in idle chatter. 

“Brat, Shady,” called Victorina, who stopped a short distance away. The young person at the computer, the older gentleman, and the younger one turned to her. “Sadia and Flavio are here.” 

Sadia immeditately skipped up to the young man with the pink hair. She scooped the teddy bear gift from her book bag and held it out to him. “Hi! I’m Sadia and I’m so happy to meet you. Let’s be best friends.” 

The young man looked at teddy bear for a moment, before reaching out his hands to grab it by the bin. “Why, thank you Sadia.” He held the gift in one arm and extended out his other. “I’m Clyde. Charmed to meet you.” 

Sadia grasped his hand with both of hers and ferciously shook it. “Oh! It’s so nice too meet you too Clyde! Wow! I’m so happy we have another dolly! It’s so great! Don’t you think? Where’d you get that name? What do you like? What do you ––” 

A smile rose on Clyde’s face as his one eye widened. 

Flavio placed a hand on his hip. “Sadia, can you not see the man does not like that?” 

Sadia gasped. She took her hands away and covered her mouth. “Oh, you don’t like that? I’m so sorry!” 

“It’s fine. I was not expecting such an enthusastic greeting,” replied Clyde. He placed the gift onto the bed behind him.

Clyde then turned his attention to Flavio. His one eye bore into Flavio’s two. “Who are you to try and speak for me?” 

“Oh, I’m sorry,” quipped Flavio. “Did I misread your face?” 

Sadia extended a hand out towards Flavio. “Clyde, this is Flavio! He’s a DJ.” She started making a rectangle with her hands. “He lives in this artsy apartment that’s one of the brightest in Ghopre and there’s a whole bunch of other artsy, music-loving people in it.” 

Clyde smiled. His smile soon twisted ever so slightly. “That sounds a bit obnoxious for my personal taste.” 

“And what blandness do you like?” Flavio spat back. 

“Something more…refined.” 

“Refiiiined?” Sadia thought for a moment. “What kind of music is refined?” 

Clyde turned to Sadia. The slightest hint of annoyance twitched in his face. “I am thinking something like classical music. Orchestrated. Something that you would hear when sipping a hot cup of tea.” 

Flavio snorted. “Orchastral? Tea?” 

Clyde’s brows furrowed. “I do not like your tone very much.” 

“What century are you from?” Flavio flipped his hand. “Coffee and synthized beats are much better.” 

Clyde pressed his fingers to his head with his right hand, turning slightly away from Flavio. He shut his eyes and reached out a hand towards him. “What a way to produce a headache. I understand the allure of coffee is it’s smell, but it lacks the refinement of tea. The synthized beats are computerized trash, devoid of soul.” 

Flavio puffed out his chest and took a step forward, leaning into Clyde’s personal space. “Are you sure you have a soul because your lack of taste seems to indicate as such.” 

Clyde’s one eye glared. 

Heated sparks seemed to start flying between Flavio and Clyde. The air in the room begun to felt like the humity that happens before a summer thunderstorm. Dr. Gladier and Victorina exchanged looks. Sadia’s lips pursed as looked back and forth between their faces. The young person at the computer desk hacking away at the keyboard stopped typing and turned around.

“Heh, heh,” said the young person. “Looks like the clash of personalities.” 

Clyde and Flavio both rolled their heads towards the young person. 

“Shut up,” said Flavio

“Quiet,” said Clyde.

And then they both said the young person’s name “Hadley!”.

Hadley flashed them a toothy vampire smile, once again laughing. Victorina walked over and bopped Hadley on the head with her palm. “Shut up, you old brat. They aren’t that much alike.” She then turned her attention back to Clyde and Flavio. “Ignore him. He’s only good for that brain of his.” 

Sadia skipped in between Clyde and Flavio, throwing her arms over her shoulder and huddling them close to her. Both of them glared up at Sadia, who didn’t seem to notice. Sadia flashed a huge smile. “Hadley’s helped a WHOLE lot, hasn’t he?” 

Victorina extended her palms towards Hadley. “Of course!” 

Flavio pulled himself away from Sadia. He glanced over at a giant clock at the wall. “I think my break is over.” 

Clyde gently removed Sadia’s arm from his shoulder and brushed it off. As he stood up stragiht, Flavio glared at him. “See you never, tasteless.” 

Clyde rolled his eyes as Flavio walked away. 

Sadia waved her hand. “See you later, Flavio!! I’ll come see you tonight!” 

Flavio gave her a non-chalant wave as he walked out the room. 

Victorina whipped out her phone and pulled up an app on it. Her eyes widened. “He’s playing tonight?!” 

Sadia turned to Victorina with a nod. “Oh, yes! I think it was a last minute gig though.” Sadia giggled. 

Victorina whipped to Hadley. “I’m leaving early, so don’t you even think about giving me extra work.” Hadley smiled and laughed as he always did. Victorina’s eyes narrowed. 

Clyde’s eyes darted between the two of them. He then relaxed. He raised his hand, “Victorina, are you able to make me a cup of tea? I think I would like some mint.” 

Victorina nodded. “Yes. Let me get it now.” She disappeared from the warehouse and back into the reception area. 

Sadia clapped her hands with delight. “I’m so happy I chose the right bear for you!” 

Clyde curiously lifted up the gift from the bed behind him. He first looked at the bear, then followed it all the way down into the inner bin. The bin itself was loaded with numerous packets of tea, along with sugar cubes and shelf-stable liquid sweetners. Clyde seemed a bit taken a back before a delighted smile cracked on his face. “Indeed you did. Were you informed for my love for tea?” 

Sadia fevernetly shook her head. Her pigtails whipped in her face. “No, not at all! I was looking at all my gift bears and out of all them, I just knew it was the perfect one to gift you, but I didn’t know why!” 

“You have many more like this?” 

“Yes! I do!” Sadia pulled up her phone and pulled up a picture of the gift shelf. She shoved it into Clyde’s face, who stumbled backwards. “This is the shelf! See all the bears? I made them myself.” 

Clyde lifted his head to slowly give her a single nod. “I…I see.” 

Sadia hopped next to Clyde and leaned in. She missed Clyde frowning at her as she began to rapidly scroll through her images. “That was just the living room. I have the least amount of bears there because I know not everyone likes them as much as I do and it’s the only place I really spend time with others. Oh! And this is my room. See all my bears?! Sometimes I trip over them, there are SOOOOOOO many, but that’s okay, beause I love them all! Here are all the bookshelves in my room with bears and all the floor, and oh, this is the bear I sleep on and –” 

Victorina returned and handed Clyde the mint tea as Sadia continued to babble on about her room and all her bears. 

“How wonderful,” flatly said Clyde. 

“Isn’t it?!” replied Sadia. She jumped up and leaned into Clyde. Startled, the tea cup clanked and a bit spilled out to the plate underneath. Clyde scowled. 

Just as Sadia looked at Clyde, confused why he suddenly seemed annoyed, Dr. Gladier took a step forward and placed his hand on Clyde’s back. “Now, Sadia, I think it is time I get back to my observations with Clyde. We will be heading to another room for an exam now, so you can head on home.” 

“Awww.” Sadia pouted and hung her arms. 

“But before that, please speak to Hadley. We have some instructions for you.” 

Sadia’s face lit up once more. 

Clyde nodded to Sadia as Dr. Gladier gestured at him to come along. The two of them began walking towards another door in the warehouse that was not leading to the reception area. Sadia waved good-bye after them, receiving a loose wave from Clyde just before he disappeared behind the door. 

“Heh heh, Sadia, Dr. Glaider and I have a prospoal for you,” said Hadley. He grabbed a sheet of paper from the print beside the computer monitor and handed it to her. 

Sadia skimmed through the paper. She turned back to Hadley with a huge smile. “Ooooh! You want me to do the same thing I did for Flavio, but with Clyde? I would love to!” 

“Heh, heh! I knew you’d be the best one for the job, heh heh!” 

Sadia bent over the computer desk, placing the piece of paper in front of her. She grabbed a pen and began to doodle. “I think I already know the kind of clothes I’m going to give Clyde…” She stopped for a moment and looked up at Hadley. “But what kind of place do you think he should live in?” 

“Heh, that’s what we are trying to figure out, heh heh. We do not know much about, heh, him yet. Other than his name is Clyde and, heh heh, he loves tea.” 

Sadia returned back to doodling. “I can come up with something! Let me know if you have any suggestions because I want to find the perfect home for Clyde and his teddy bear!” 

Sadia placed down the pen and held the paper in front of her, looking at her doodle. It appeared to be all the pieces of an outfit, plus how they all fit together. it looked like the layers included a black leotard of sorts, loose white under garments including a shirt that showed the midriff, black pants,  a long-sleeved jacket that also showed the middriff, and slip-on dress shoes with a decorative buckle. The sketch that showed everything all together appeared that the white undergarments were longer than the jacket and pants, making them appear like ruffles. 

“Heh, do you need his measurements?” 

Sadia shook her head. “Nope! I got them all up here!” She tapped her head with her index finger. 

“Heh, as expected.” 

Sadia tremebled with excitement. She hugged the paper to her chest. “I’m going to go get started!” 

“Heh, see you later then, heh heh. I’ll let Victorina know to message you, heh, any updates.” 

“Byyyyyyeeeee!” Sadia waved as she run back to the corridor. 


Sadia sprawled out the fabric across the table and with tailor’s chaulk, began to mark out exactly what she was going to cut. She hummed a nonsensical tune with each line she drew. 

In the corner of her room, her phone started buzzing. On the screen flashed a single message from Victorina: Clyde needs a home near the zombie graveyards. 


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