[UPDATE] Short Story Rough Drafts Available Starting September 7th, 2021!!!

Yes – you read that title right!

The short story drafts will be available starting September 7th, 2021 for Patreon Supporters contributing $5 or more per month!

(Please Note: Only the FINALIZED drafts will be released for free – so if you want to read them before then, you’ll have to become a Patreon supporter or wait until then.)

The very first story is “Miracles” – available at midnight ET!

As for the rest of the stories, they will be posted every two weeks from then on, every Tuesday at midnight ET.

It is subject to change in the future (especially if I start writing a lot faster than I anticipate), but for now…new story, every 2 weeks, every Tuesday at midnight ET.

If you want access right when they come up, become a Patreon supporter today!

If you need more information and/or have a bunch of questions, please check the About page.

See you there!

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