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What is your website about?
The website is about me (TrainerKelly) and what I do.

What do you do?
I focus on original anime & manga inspired artwork and stories, told in numerous formats that include, but are not limited to: comics, short stories, and novels.

So, your website is about the works you create?


Why do you need a website?

I would say I don't need one, but want one, however, I find it a very important place.

Why do you find it important?

The TrainerKelly's Network website as a whole is meant to be a one-stop place for ALL of my works. You need to find something I did, you should be able to come directly here. I consider this website important because it brings all websites together, rather than spreading them apart. Sure, I could have used a free blog or something, but I consider that to be too limited to my vision. I want my home base to be as expansive as my works!

Aren't you interesting enough without a website?

The website has less to do with me being "interesting" and more due to me wanting to promote what I do. I know word of mouth is powerful and all, but I feel like people need a place to GO in order for the advertising to work. And no, Facebook and/or a blog is simply not enough.

It's like getting on a plane with no destination. You have your mode of transportation, but you don't have a place for it to go. Telling people I wrote a book isn't going to make it sell unless I can send them somewhere they can find the book, which would be my website.

I hope that makes sense.

Where can I find [insert what you want to find here]?

Normally, you would look under Site Map, but due to the current construction, you will unforunately have to browse around for now.

Why "TrainerKelly's Network"?

Please visit About TrainerKelly's Network for all the reasons behind the name decision.

Why "TrainerKelly"?

Please visit About TrainerKelly for all the reasons behind the name decision.

Why do you have ads on your website?

I have a ton of free content on my website and would like to generate SOME money from it, in order to expand TKN as a business and start doing more awesome things (like community events; I won't go into detail about it at this time).

What are your current plans for the website?

Literally my only plans right now is to update this website as frequently as possible. Maybe a new comic here, a blog post there...stuff like that. Frequently.


Do you do commissions?

As of August 8th, 2016, I no longer do commissions. If you have my business card and were looking to redeem the code on the back, I plan on implementing coupons into my online shop later on that use that same coupon code, but it is not available yet.


If you are a majour event of some sort (charity, etc.) or a business seeking a collaboration, feel free to e-mail me at inquiry[at]trainerkelly.net and send me a proposal of what you would like to collaborate on, how much you are willing to pay, etc.. I do NOT take individual, personal orders anymore. Thank you.

Thanks for reading!

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