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About TrainerKelly (a.k.a. Kelly Mulry)


Hey, you guys, I'm TrainerKelly. I'm also known as Kelly Mulry, among other names. I am a creative by definition (if you look up traits of a creative, I fit most, if not all of them). I have loved to create since I was in 3rd grade and it has never ceased. It gets arguably harder each year not to pursue everything I have ever wanted to be creative in, even when I pick and choose what to work on and create. Creating is my foundation — if I believe I am no longer allowed to create, I no longer live for my foundation seemingly crumbles. I always end up rebuilding it, however. Although, I suppose nowadays, it's getting a lot harder for people to make me feel like I need to crumble. At this point, I'm starting to find it laughable and just outright annoying.


The "trainer" from "TrainerKelly" comes from the Pokémon franchise. In the franchise, you catch monsters and train them to become the very best they can be. Watching the Pokémon TV series was a life-changing moment for me: it made me realize that the world wasn't as clear cut as I thought it was. It's still a franchise that inspires me to this day and I can link back pretty much everything I love and do nowadays to the franchise. It has helped to keep me drawing, it got me to start writing, heck, it even helped lead me to my husband! Crazy, right? My current drawing style is heavily influenced by Pokémon, although it is sprinkled with other anime and manga influences as well. I consider "trainerkelly" to be a nod to the franchise, all while avoiding potential trademark infringement (I hope).


Japanese animation (anime), Japanese graphic novels (manga), and Japanese light novels (they're like anime and manga in text format) have been majour influences in my life as well. I have to thank them for where I am today and without them, I probably would not have had the motivation to sit down and turn my own ideas into realities. If I never got into them, my life would certainly be different — not as different as life without seeing Pokémon, but still quite different. Light novels in particular are to thank for the improvement in my writing.


My Mascots/Personas

Across my website, you probably [will] notice that I have a lot of artwork of a guy with black, spiked hair and a girl with red, curled hair. Both of these characters are me. Sometimes I draw them together in a split form, although other times, I draw them separately. I am someone who embraces both my masculine and feminine aspects to the point I consider myself to be "gender fluid." Although I find it a lot harder to express that fluidity in real life, in my art, it is a heck of a lot easier. These two personas are my primary ones and I use them EVERYWHERE. TrainerKelly's Network, after all, has a starting point with me. I think it's appropriatefor myself to appear in anime form!


The guy side of me is known as The Creator. He is the one who is laid back enough to sit down and get to work. He is the part of me that spends hours shaping worlds, brainstorming ideas, and executing them. Heck, it's that side of me that was able to sit down and redo this entire website. He is the side I mostly project to the outside world; he's the easiest to wear and the most comfortable to be. This is the side of me that has a fairly wide range of emotions and is moderately happy. I draw his appearance with black hair, spiked at the very top with straight bangs and side locks, while the remainder of the hair is curled. He is always wearing some black button-up shirt with a lime green t-shirt underneath. The pants sometimes range, but they are almost always black as well. This is based off one of my absolute favourite colour combination and my "guy side" look that I do often, although I keep my hair colour my natural dark brown instead of black.


The girl side of me is known as The Queen. She is the one who gets things done when my guy side can't. She hustles. She's the part of me that is confident and strong. She has no time to play irrelevant games and WILL get down to business, both in the creative and practical sense. She's also the part of me that often runs off some of the not-so-nice emotions; mostly anger. When I'm angry, watch out! I probably WILL be the queen and I'm NOT going to let ANYTHING stand in my way! She's usually able to convert negative emotions into positive ones; anger becomes a springboard to complete a project. Depression becomes motivation to work on a piece of artwork I had been delaying for several months. She is depicted with red hair, some star & circle gems in the colour pink underneath her eyes (although, not always, depending on my own laziness), and an 18th-century-inspired gown in the colours of black, hot pink, and bubble gum, often accented with gray and white. She also carries around a fan because fans are awesome and I feel that it suits her look.


Besides from these two, I have another Mascot named Kelly the Dreamer. She is NOT me, although you could say she is a part of me. Kelly the Dreamer is a neutral version of my Pokémon fan character of the same name and same design. The main differences between the two of them are their clothing colour schemes (Kelly the Dreamer is decked out in purple and *Kelly the Pokémon Trainer is often in the same colours as my guy side) and their personalities — Kelly the Pokémon Trainer is a spoiled brat and often isn't happy, while Kelly the Dreamer is pretty much always happy. She's part of what I like to think of as a "triangle" — Kelly the Dreamer is the part of me who dreams. The Queen is the part of me who figures out how to make those dreams a reality. The Creator is the part of me who makes the dreams a reality. Much like Kelly the Pokémon Trainer, I do NOT consider her to be me. Although, I suppose in a sense, she is, as I consider her to be a facet of my subconscious, just like Kelly the Pokémon Trainer is (that's kind of a creepy story; keep your eyes on the look out for that story in the future).


As you browse my website, pay attention to the illustrations you see on the banners of my web pages and, perhaps, even scatter throughout the content of the website. You may seen my personas depicted, helping to guide you into my universe.


*Side Note: Kelly the Pokémon Trainer is NOT TRAINERKELLY. I, KELLY MULRY, am TrainerKelly. I consider "TrainerKelly" to be my collective name



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