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27 November 2017

Not so much of an update as it is an announcement:

Cyber Monday is upon us! You can get 25% off on your entire purchase by using the code "CYBER25" (without the quotation marks) at checkout. The code is good from today until 11 December 2017. Orders can be shipped internationally. Thank you for your support.




30 October 2017

Wow. TWO updates in a month? WOW! I'm kind of impressed with myself.


Site has been updated with a new layout, among other things. Go check it out for additional details!




28 October 2017

Added a company page for those who need it. It includes policies as well.


Also, removed Patreon from this homepage as I am no longer pursuing using it as a money making platform. It does not fit in with TrainerKelly's Network. The page will still be up for archival and username purposes, but I will no longer be using it. Thank you. (I will be updating the website over the next several weeks to reflect this change.)

07 August 2017

For those of you who have visited TKN many times before, the updates are probably very obvious. For those who haven't visited it before or not in a while, they may not be as obvious.

Other Updates:


01 May 2017 -

Good day, everyone! How are you doing? I have made some minor updates to the website (primarily URL corrections). I should be making some additional updates in the near future, mostly minor ones like today's. The other updates included in this was adding a bunch of my websites to Google Search Engine, but you probably won't see that until you google this website. Which now comes up, I am excited to say!!!

Have a nice day and Merry May!!!


24 April 2017 -

I AM SO SORRY FOR THE DOWNTIME. I am not even sure if downtime was noticed. If it was, I AM SO SORRY ABOUT THAT.


I had to switch the kind of hosting I was on, which resulted me in taking down the website temporarily to move it over. There were a few hiccups along the way, but I think I got it.


The website had to move the type of hosting it was on simply because I was adding a SSL Certification (a.k.a. the thing that turns websites in to HTTPS; check it out in your web browser now!) from a 3rd party website since it was cheaper and my previous hosting plan did not include it. The reason for the SSL Certification is because, in the near future, the online shop will be relocated to my website. I am still playing around with it right now, but hopefully it will be up sooner than later.


I was hoping to have a bunch of really cool updates this week, but there is some pretty important stuff going on in my life right now that is preventing me from working optimally. Maybe in the upcoming weeks.


Thank you for visiting!!


28 February 2017 -

GUYS! LOOK! I ACHIEVED A GOAL! Not very obvious, eh? Well, once you start exploring the website, oh it will be!


Updates are:

-Naitmaric AND Fairolk now BOTH have character biographies, as well as easy-to-read linked pages of the Patreon/Instagram EXCLUSIVE comics! If you have been wanting to read them, but wanted an easier way to do so, this is it!

- I also added character biographies to Kehllee/MAKE ME A MODEL; also added page 24 of MMaM because oooops, I forgot to post that one

- I removed Creative Works, as it was redudant and pointless;

- I removed Creatived Works, as well as my fan works, from both the site map AND as a link from the random buttons;


I'm quite happy with these updates! I hope to have even more at the end of next month! Hopefully not neglecting other projects, however.


I'll also admit that I didn't really do any word editing, so if anything is spelled incorrectly, etc., please forgive me. I'll correct it in the future.


15 February 2017 -

I hate my lackluster updates so far. I'm aiming for a larger one on the 28th!! For now though, you guys are stuck with this rearranged layout. I hated how the order of this site was on mobile, so I fixed it. Yep.

Check back on the 28th for another update!


31 January 2017 - I was going to update this yesterday, but then I got caught up trying to tweak the layout, which has hit some snags. So you get just a SUPER brief update:

- I am CONFIRMED for U-Con @ UConn!!!
- I got into Camp Anime!

Come see me there during the year.


12 January 2017 - Happy New Year, everybody! How is your 2017 going so far? Mine has felt like I am dragging around a huge weight for the most part, but that entirely has to do with perosnal reasons. Otherwise, I am pretty dang good! Arisia Con is tomorrow and I am fairly excited. I feel like I got nothing done, but a lot of people disagree with me. They like to tell me I've done a lot. I suppose that's the way it always is now though, huh?


I have updated this main page a tiny bit. You may notice there is now a SIGN UP for the NEWSLETTER towards the bottom of the page. If you want once-a-month updates, consider signing up for the newsletter.


I also added two more conventions to the list. I am still waiting to hear back from one of the conventions.


I hope you all are doing well, or, if not, you will be doing better soon!


Have a nice day! Thanks for reading!


1 November 2016 - Hey, everyone! How are you doing today? Thank you SO much for checking out TrainerKelly's Network. Today I present to you BRAND NEW LAYOUTS, including a redone front page! If you never have been on TKN before, then welcome!!! Thank you for stopping by. This website originally featured a few splash images, but I felt like for people who were not accustomed to it, it made the website difficult to navigate. To make up for it, I now present to all of you a brand new, hopefully easier to navigate, website. I placed a lot of the content I thought people would be interested in seeing first and foremost. Check out the links all over this front page. Click the "Random Page" button (if you have javascript enabled). Resize your browser window.


This is my first responsive website, meaning that this website will change shape depending on your screen size. It is all thanks to my comic, Make Me a Model, that I came to the realization my website needed to be mobile-friendly now, rather than later. It has been a rough journey, but I believe it has paid off.


I do apologize for the unforunate lack of content on this website. I have just begun my original works and while I am starting to roll them out across a bunch of social media pages & art communities I particpate in, I have SO much more content to share with you in the future. It will come in time. I know I am often terrible at keeping to my word for things like this, but no. This is different. This is what I want to do with my life and I am more determined than ever to keep with it.


Thank you, again, for checking out TrainerKelly's Network. Your visit is appreciated by me, TrainerKelly. Enjoy my website for what it is and check back every couple of months to see whatever may be new. Visit each subdomain. Bookmark what you like. Check out those pages every-so-often. Explore. Have fun. Good night!

9th February 2015

My Creative Works subsite is FINALLY up! YAY!

This means that I have TWO MORE PAGES left and Phase 1 of my website shall be DONE!


I also completed redid the blog. It looks AMAZING now. It's A LOT closer to what I saw in my head. It's pretty awesome. Go check it out!

What's Left:
- Site
- Site Map

Technically, Site is finished. I just need to do the Site Map and make some minor tweaks to Site's layout.


Yes, Phase 1.2.

Phase 1: Just the layouts and the bare minimum of content, just to get me started. It's what you're seeing now.
Phase 1.2: Fixing things that don't satisfy me. Technically, the blog is part of Phase 1.2.
Phase 2: Adding additional subsites that I didn't do during the first phase.

Phase 1.2 Plans:
- revamping the commissions website; it's too confusing right now
- redoing the social network site; I actually made a mistake with the layout...oops

There may be a few more things by the time I'm finished, but for right now, that's it.

Phase 2 Plans:
- Kelly's Journey subsite (everything for it)
- Comics subsite
- revamp "hidden" subsites ;P

Okay, I probably should go to sleep. I've been up for too long.

Thanks for reading!


9th October 2014
Who would've thought I would have another web page finished!

Granted, it's a really short page and it's only one page.

It's the "Social Networks" page, where I link you guys to my active and semi-active accounts across the Internet1


Check out more updates on the blog!


7th October 2014
1.) Happy birthday to my younger sister!

2.) My blog is finally linked to this splash page! I had to stop trying to make my own layout (at least, for now) in order to get a move on with all the other awesome parts of the blog. You can read about the decision here, if you wish.


What's coming in the future?
Assuming I actually complete the basic stages, what shall be coming is:
- a blog (which has been running all this time, but currently is not laid out how I want it to be)
- a "Creative Works" subsite, focusing on anything that uses my imagination
- a site map
- a "site" page that has extended information about this website
- a "social network" page that basically links to all my social networking pages, including personal and business.

What are you working on now?
Uuuuuh...deciding what to do next. I'm leaning towards the "Creative Works" subsite. I'll update my blog with the progress. You'll know if I've definitely chosen it if the splash page shows up one of these days.

When do expect the website to be completed?
NEVAAAAAAAH. Or as soon as I complete that "coming in the future" list. It's the updates that will NEVAAAAAAAAAH be OVAAAAAH.

Is this similar to what the final website will look like?
No. I plan to have somewhat better looking splash pages...and a logo.


13 May 2011 - Hello everyone! I'm quite excited to be making progress on my website. As you should obviously be able to see, the "Site" part of my website is up! All the pages are up. I know the content isn't much, but hey, there should be much content when it's just strictly about the website. So now the splash page, site, reviews [blog], and commission info site are all up! All that's left is the social networking page and the Creative Works page! Plus the subsites I have...

I hope everyone can understand that the website isn't suppose to be consistant with the layout, but rather the colours. They're all black/green/gray. I know some people are hating the site right now (but hey, you do have dark text on a light background, other than the around site).

Also, I indeed am the one drawing the pictures on the site. I'm actually REALLY annoyed my style keeps changing on each layout. I can't decide how to go about drawing my anime form. I like this layout picture the best, though I have an issue with the hands (there's a few other issues too, but that's the main thing bothering me - a better artist than me probably wants to choke me for the horrible anatomy and proportions).

Anyway, I hope you like the site! I'm looking forward to putting up the other ones. Putting up the Creative Works one will be interesting. You'll just have to wait and see why.

By the way, I DO have some blogs not linked to the main page that are set up, but you will not be able to access them until the Creative Works site is up.


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