Frequently Asked Questions

What is your website about?

The website is about me (TrainerKelly) and what I do.

What do you do?

I primarily write stories, draw illustrations, and write blog posts I call “rambles”.

My works are inspired by anime and manga, although the content itself is original in the sense it’s not based on pre-existing franchises.

So, your website is about the works you create?


Why do you need a website?

It’s not really a need or a want. It’s more of an understanding that this is the best choice for me.

As for the details of that understanding, I cannot put it into words…so don’t question me further.

Why do you find it important?

The TrainerKelly’s Network website as a whole is meant to be a one-stop place for ALL of my works. If you need to find something I did, you should be able to come directly here. I consider this website important because it brings all websites together, rather than spreading them apart. Sure, I could have used a free blog or something, but I consider that to be too limited to my vision. I want my home base to be as expansive as my works!

Aren’t you interesting enough without a website?

It has nothing to do it with whether or not I am interesting. It has to do with making things and wanting to share it with as many people as possible. One of the best ways to do that is my own dang website.

Where can I find [insert what you want to find here]?

Go to the section of the site you are interested in, then use the search feature to find it using keywords.

Why “TrainerKelly’s Network”?

Please visit About TrainerKelly’s Network for all the reasons behind the name decision.

Why “TrainerKelly”?

Please visit About TrainerKelly for all the reasons behind the name decision.

Why do you have ads on your website?

I’m already aware that my Network is a major, if not primary, source of financial support for me. The ads as well as the memberships and the online shop are all a part of that. The money earned then gets to go back and be reinvested in myself, the Network, my people, and my trainees (which may include you)!

What are your current plans for the website?

I have made the decision to stop sharing my plans unless I know I am doing them – usually after I have started doing them!

I recommend keeping an eye on Rambles for updates.

Do you do commissions?

I, as an individual, do take art commissions. They are, however, not a part of my Central Network (although the website itself is hosted on here for now).

You can view my commission information on the Commissions site.

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