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About TrainerKelly’s Network as a Business

You can learn about my Network as a business in the Company section.

About TrainerKelly’s Network as a Website

TrainerKelly’s Network is my platform where I get to share what I make with YOU.

You can think of it as the home of everything I make.

I wanted a single, central platform that I have control over to share my works with you in full-display and this website is it. Hence why I sometimes call it “the Central Network” or “the Main Network” in addition to “my Network” – it’s because this is the primary place in which I share and create content with you.

Site History

It was almost the end of the year 2004 when I had decided I wanted a website. My passion for anime & manga was in full swing and all I wanted to do was express it. My mother’s website, Kimmy’s Kiss, full of cheesy fashion advice and hockey pictures, hadn’t been updated for a long time. My mother wasn’t going to update her website anytime soon, so I decided to take over it…much to the confusion of her former visitors. Of course, the newer visitors (anime and manga fans) certainly appreciated it.

I was only in 6th grade at the time and I’m pretty sure learning how to actually code a website didn’t even cross my mind. I just wanted a website. So, equipped with Microsoft Frontpage on whatever desktop computer I used, I stumbled through the program and created a magnificent eyesore of a website: repeated backgrounds of anime screenshots, contrasting text that made your eyes want to bleed, no padding, margins, or div layers. NAH-DAH!

My website probably would have stayed that way too if I hadn’t been rejected from being an affiliate with a website due to my horrible layout. I don’t recall them being hostile to me; I think they just simply told me that I should get someone to make me a website layout.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.


I had to do it myself!

So, I proceeded to try and improve my layouts by using TABLES! While this gave my website a bit more structure to the layouts…they were still very much an eyesore. I’m not quite sure what I was thinking, but I decided mirroring my navigation and splash page on both sides of the webpage was a fantastic idea. Also, my graphics were literally just stretched anime screenshots. Was I cool or what? (haha…no, I wasn’t)

After playing around with my own layout creations for a while, I decided to play around with pre-made layouts. I swear I kept switching them like…every other time they were up, but I could be wrong. If I recall, it was studying the structure of these layouts that started to give me a much better idea on how to code. Not too great of an idea, but it was still better than what I had been doing.

Thanks to studying the pre-made layouts, I learned about iFrames and fell IN LOVE with them. I was originally trying to learn how to do pop-up windows, but when those didn’t work, iFrames swooped in and stole my heart.

Shortly after learning about iFrames, my mother decided she was ready to reclaim her website. My younger sister also decided that she wanted in on the fun. So, Kimmy’s Kiss became the home of three different websites: JP Fan Kelly, We Be Goofy, and Kimmy’s Kiss.

When my mother came back to the website and my younger sister joined, I had decided on the focus of my website: to create a database of all the anime and manga I have ever watched and read! Which, honestly, was a horrible idea. There were already plenty of databases and fan sites and I didn’t really offer anything new or helpful, right? I don’t think so.

Around this time, I also began posting works I was creating onto my website. I didn’t focus too much on those, but I probably should have. Hence, why in 2009, when I realized my website’s focus was too vague for me to actually do anything with it and I wasn’t really motivated to do what I was trying to do with it, I changed my focus — the website was going to be about ME!

Of course, that was still very vague. I remember having such a hard time explaining to people what my website was about. Even today, I still feel awkward when I explain it’s the home for my creative works and, in a way, the home of my company.

Anyway, in 2010, with this new focus, I began learning how to use DIV tags (I was still using tables though for layouts). I experimented with making layouts in Photoshop and coding them for the website.

In 2011, I got my first job and decided to get my own domain name and hosting. I left my mother’s website behind…which unfortunately resulted in her losing the URL because I didn’t have a chance to update her credit card data for automatic renewal, along with my younger sister’s URL. Oops. I would have if I remembered!

In 2013, I decided 2014 was going to be THE YEAR I was going to focus on my website! While I started working on the website in 2014, 2015 was when I finished the first version of it. I was super excited and super pleased with it! FINALLY, things were done!

Of course, I was left with this nagging feeling that the website just wasn’t as user friendly as I would have liked it to be. Some of the pages were confusing, even for me. If my brain is having a hard time wrapping around some of the layouts, then others must be having a hard time too, right?

I made a mental note to go back to them at some point.

In early 2016, I created a subdomain for my comics. I made it goal to make the website 100% out of DIV layers — no tables (which is what my layouts were mostly made out of prior to this subdomain), no Photoshop except for graphics. EVERYTHING had to be done with DIV layers/HTML/CSS. I succeeded. With that success, I started making mental plans on redoing my website once again, converting all my table layouts to DIV layers and tweaking things where I needed to.

I had this passing thought while I was considering redoing my website again: at some point, I need to learn how to make my website responsive. I wasn’t going to worry about making my webpage change how it looked depending on screen size quite yet. First I wanted to convert all my layouts to DIV layers. Then, maybe, I could learn responsive.

Then, in July 2016, I launched a comic called Make Me a Model. I realized very fast that I could not wait for my website to be responsive. It had to be responsive. Now. This was kind of painful at first because I honestly was absolutely CLUELESS on how to make a responsive website. I knew it was going to push me to my limits. It was going to be the biggest strides in learning web design for me yet.

With the decision to make the website responsive, almost two years after completing the website in its original layout, I went back in and tore it apart…kind of.

Okay, to be fair, I didn’t really tear everything apart. I removed some pages. I made prettier, hopefully less confusing, layouts. I added more graphics, tweaked some content and wrote some new content. I worked on making the website more user friendly. You shouldn’t have to zoom in on mobile unless your phone doesn’t understand responsive web design.

Learning responsive web design was an absolutely last minute addition to 2016, but one that could not be more welcome.

I eventually started to refine my web development knowledge a few years later, but mostly start and stopped.

In 2022, in order to get the Network closer to my dreams and…well, actually want to actively use it, I decided to make the whole site WordPress and started customizing as I could in order to focus on what I truly wanted to be doing: my content! (That and I didn’t want to put pressure on myself to learn more coding at the moment – I’ll do that in time.)

Further Insight

Check out my Rambles (Blog) for previous (and current) website updates: https://www.trainerkellysnetwork.com/rambles/category/website/

The Internet Archive has some of the Kimmy’s Kiss era of my website posted. While it’s certainly not complete (most pages have a ton of graphics missing), it’s still a great glimpse backwards in time to see where I came from and where I am now.

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