I can’t believe it.

I really can’t believe it.

I’m sure there’s some errors here and there and some things will have to be tweaked, plus there’s still Phase 1.2 to do, but…Phase 1, the ACTUAL PHASE ONE is COMPLETE.

Do you know what that means?!


The “prep” work for my website is finished! All the main pages are up and running for everyone’s pleasure.

Updates Include:
– A 100% brand-spankin’ new splash page!
A freakin’ LOGO
– Custom social networking icons!
– An RSS Feed widget for ALL site updates; I figured it would look better and be a lot easier if I did that
– A link to a Site Inquiry page
– A Site Inquiry page, put there for all your complaints, trolling, and error-reporting! I suppose it’s there for compliments too, if you feel inclined to do so
– A SITE page that has all your basics: about the site, any sort of layout credits, why the heck I call myself “TrainerKelly” if I don’t train people to do anything, text updates, and a whole bunch of other stuff. WHOO HOO!
– Moved the previous text updates to “SITE”
– A SITE MAP that includes a nice text map of all the not-hidden pages of this website; it also includes two help functions to help you find what you’re looking for! …well, hopefully help you find what you’re looking for
– Added some very small TrainerKelly’s Network site navigation to the bottom of each page, as a way to easily go from one main site to the next
– Added ads where I felt like they should be
– deleted a bunch of files from the website, only to re-upload them now

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was more stuff, but for right now…I think this is it.

I actually lost a lot of traction earlier when I went to go make the splash page images, since I was confused on what to do. Nothing was coming out right. However, the social icons I made gave me a great idea on how to go about the splash page images, so you get:

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 8.46.09

Looks nice, right?! I’m sure a lot of people hate it. I actually really like it. I’m sure I’ll hate it in a couple months though, although I hope not!

I actually didn’t realize until later that I had actually already done the splash page images, which were originally suppose to be these:

siteblog commissions creative social sitemap

These actually look pretty good, but I’m quite happy with the ones I am actually using. I like the better colour consistency in the current one.

GO CHECK OUT THE PAGES NOW! I think I’ve been working on this particular version of the website since at least early 2013, if not earlier. It’s amazing to finally have the first phase finished — it’s what I was aiming for.

Hey, look at myself, younger self. That website you thought would never get done…it’s finally done in a type of “finished” state. All the main pages are up, just like you wanted! Pretty amazing, right? It took a while, but the wait has paid off, even if it’s just for my own pleasure. I hope I get to enjoy the website a bit later. I love you.

What’s Next

Phase 1 is completed. I have a Phase 1.2, particularly for pages that didn’t quite settle with me. After that, I have a Phase 2.

Phase 1.2 consists of:
– revamping the commissions website again; I’m keeping the basic layout, but I’m going to be rearranging the content, hopefully to make it easier to navigate and order. I’m also going to be updating the prices and the options; there’s a miniscule amount of new stuff coming!
– Making a new site layout for the social networks links page for me, since I was originally going to do a completely different layout, but forgot about it. Ooooops.
– Any sort of tweaks to the current layouts, such as slightly changing the banner of this blog to include the blog’s name
– Renaming the files in the Creative Works sections that do not meet satisfactory

Hopefully, once Phase 1.2 is completed, I’ll feel more satisfied.

I don’t believe Phase 2 will be done for a while. I’m aiming to start it by the end of this year, so I can start launching the pages in early 2016.

Phase 2 consists of:
– relaunching the Kelly’s Journey subsite with a shiny brand new layout, revamped content, and hopefully, some new content as well
– launching a comics subsite; still debating about the format of the website, but I’m considering going with WordPress to (hopefully) make it easier on myself, but I’m not sure
– redoing “hidden” subsites with updated layouts and revamped content…hopefully
– anything else I feel like needs to be part of Phase 2, although I feel like this is it.

There is a phase 3, but that REALLY won’t come for a long while. It requires some really hard work on my part and a lot more content, to say the least. I have to get there at some point, but I’m also aware it’ll take time. I hope by the time I get there though, this place will be a bit more active. I’m sure it’ll be mostly abandoned instead though…sad face. (I REALLY hope not; I’d love if TrainerKelly’s Network was thriving!)

I hope all of you will keep following me and watching me as I work through this little middle-school dream of mine.

I think since this first phase is done, I’m going to give myself a little break and switch focus onto commissions and Japanese. I’m not going to let Japanese slip from my hands; it’s gotta get done. I know it will. I just hate the feeling of putting it off.

Okay, I’m off!

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