[WEBSITE | UPDATES] After 2 Months, It’s FINALLY BACK!!!

In my last website update, I claimed I was going to have the website back up and running in April!

And by last website update, I mean the temporary homepage which had read:

Where’s all the content?!
This website is currently under construction. At the moment, I am moving the domain from the previous trainerkelly.net to trainerkellysnetwork.com, as I feel like it better reflects my company. TrainerKelly.net was originally a placeholder anyway, as trainerkellysnetwork.com had previously been under my mother’s website hosting, but I transferred out the domain and well…yeah. I think it’s about time to change it!

That…still doesn’t answer your question though. I know. At least, not fully. At the moment, I’ve unlinked all the content because I have to update a bunch of coding due to switching the URL. Ick! Once I update everything, I’ll repost it!

When will the content be coming back?
The end of April 2021. At the time of writing this, it’s April 2nd, 2021…so there’s almost a whole month. I KNOW! I KNOW! It’s heartbreaking!!! Wah. (lol inside joke between me and hubby)

The temporary homepage’s FAQ text.

…it’s been two months. Over two months since I said that.

To be honest, I really did think I was going to get it up by then, but then April turned out to be like it has been in previous years: I all of a sudden stop doing everything and just…rest. Do I want to do that? No, no I do not. It just happens. Like clockwork.

I kind of struggled to get back to work, although I’ve been working on other projects slowly.

The other day, I suddenly had this determination to GET THE DANG WEBSITE BACK UP and do one other project sooner than later.

So, here I am, writing this update because I did just that: I updated the website!

Is it as updated as I wanted it to be?

No, not it is not. But that’s mainly due to my current skill level, so I will have to make do with what I can currently do!

What has been updated?

Quite a few things:

  • changed The Kelly Mulry Corner feed to a single feed;
  • added images to the Original Works feed;
  • rearranged the layout a bit and temporarily removed some sections (online shop, extended network);
  • also rearranged and temporarily removed some links to sections;
  • rearranged icons in social media section, added a “support me” section with a newly added Buy Me a Coffee button, and dropped mention of my TikTok;
  • rewrote some of the text in order to make it more personable…no more attempting to sound “professional”;
  • updated the copyright year and tweaked the disclaimer;
  • enabled Back to Top links for all layouts;

Final Thoughts

Goodness, I am SOOO happy to have the homepage updated again!!! I think it looks SO good for the moment with my current skill level and I am content.

I wanted to make the ramble feeds into those carousel slides you could just swipe, but I tried 4 different ways to make that happen and it kept glitching, so I gave up for now. When I go to launch the reading platform itself, I’m hoping to change that.

See you later (future) trainee! Thanks for reading!

Check out the updated homepage NOW!

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