Hey, you guys! After three long months of chipping away at my website’s responsive layouts, IT IS FINALLY DONE!!!! While, I’ll admit, my website is pretty bare of content right now, the layouts (in my opinion) are superior to the past. Made entirely of DIV layers (most of my pages had been tables) and RESPONSIVE (go to one of the pages and resize the browser window and see what happens), this is a new feat for me. I’m sure for some this is probably mediocre at best, but I am moderately happy with the results.

Let me break down the updates for you:

I think the new websites look pretty good, if not also pretty bare. I think literally the only thing I REALLY don’t like about them is the lack of content. I just don’t think that is right, but on the flipside, I understand that I need to take the time to create content.

In the meantime though, EXPLORE! HAVE FUN! See what I have done. I would write more in this post, but I would like to think the website speaks for itself.

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