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I recently purchased an Epson WF-7610. While my partial intention is to use it just to print out my favourite artwork of mine in high quality (my previous printer wasn’t that good) and to scan in my occasional watercolour images, my largest intention is all business related: selling prints. I hope to sell prints to my clients from commissions, at anime conventions, and here on my website.

Yes, I may just be crazy to do all that. I think it may be cheaper in the initial run, but get more expensive later on. That’s okay though. I primarily like doing as much as I can by myself, harharhar.


Anyway, I’ve been experimenting with prints. I am LOVING the borderless prints, although I recognize that there is a bit of a zoom-in when they are actually printed, requiring me to put margins on my artwork. That’s fine though — the fact that they even print without a border is a blessing! Not to mention, the colours look BEAUTIFUL!

The first set I showed in the printer mini-review post, I printed out on 4×6 inch premium glossy photo paper. I also ended up printing out an 8.5×11 inch print on Kodak photo paper I had laying around. Both came out beautifully, but I felt that the premium glossy one looked much better in comparison to the glossy, but flimsy & dull one.


I decided to pick up some more paper today, all in 8.5×11 inches. All of them are by Epson. I bought Matte, Premium Glossy (a.k.a. the bigger version of the 4×6 ones I purchased), and Ultra Premium Glossy, one of each pack.

My early observations of the paper types:
Matte – it feels like card stock, but perhaps a bit thinner. One side is slightly more white than the other one, indicating the correct printing side.

Premium Glossy – thicker in comparison to the Kodak photo paper and the Matte. It’s smooth to the point of squeaking.

Ultra Premium Glossy – thicker in comparison to the previous three papers I’ve used. Similar to the Premium Glossy, it’s smooth to the point of squeaking.

I printed out the same exact picture for a quick comparison on how they all look. (Please note these images do NOT reflect their actual colour; their actual colour is FAR more vibrant than what my camera can show.) The results?


I actually thought they all looked the same upon initial glances. Yes, glances. However, as I took the pictures, I began to notice a rather obvious difference: the amount of glare.

The matte print (top image, left-hand side) had no glare. However, as you went up in glossiness (Glossy/Premium Gloss/Ultra Premium Gloss), the more glare there was.

I found that the matte was, perhaps, the richest in the colour black. Anything that was black in my picture came out more vibrant than the glossy ones. However, despite the richness in the black, all the other colours kind of blended together. The most obvious is seen in the upper left-hand corner of each picture in the pink when looked at in person — the matte looks like the “stars” blend in with the pink. However, when you look at the glossy prints, they look less blended — just as they were intended to be.


The worst for colour was the Kodak Photo paper. The entire image has an unintentional yellow tint to it, in addition to the intentional yellowish-brown tint. All the shading looks much lighter than it was suppose to be, which is most obvious in the face. It’s probably good for testing out the prints (making sure everything looks lined up and that there’s no mistakes), but not to sell.

The matte, premium gloss, and ultra premium glossy prints, on the other hand, had really good colour. The glossy prints weren’t that great with the colour black, but the colours are slightly more vibrant than the matte. Ultimately though, they are all really great contenders and I like them all a lot!


The Ultra Premium Glossy does feel more…prestige, I suppose, thanks to its thickness. If I had to chose, I probably would either go with that one or the Premium Glossy.

When I showed the pretty boy the images and had him hold the different papers, he decided that the Premium Glossy was his favourite one. I think I may just go with that one then.

On the more business-side of things, I think I may have found my opening prints!


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