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[OW | RAMBLES] The Not-So-Shocking (?) Bite of “Shock Bite”

When I post my stories, I post them without editing them first. I don’t even read them, maybe save for a few random parts here and there that catch my eye. This is a completely deliberate choice though – on my end, I don’t want to read what I wrote until at least a few months …

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[UPDATES] Untitled Spark & Vainstrel Story #3 – COMING ON MARCH 22, 2022!!

Hey there, trainee! I am PLEASED to announce that “Untitled Spark & Vainstrel Story #3” (i.e. the unedited first draft of Vainstrel & Spark’s 3rd story…chronologically speaking, anyway) is coming on March 22nd, 2022!! Be sure to follow me on social media for a reminder! The story this time is about: Spark is invited to …

[UPDATES] Untitled Spark & Vainstrel Story #3 – COMING ON MARCH 22, 2022!! Read More »

[ARTWORK] Lightning Magic

I think when I originally drew this image, I had a completely different concept in mind. I don’t know what that concept was, so I opted to do whatever the heck I wanted and I really like the results. It’s a lot more powerful than I thought it would have been.

[ARTWORK] Cheery Spark

Okay, yeah. I admit it. I got lazy with the banners. Instead of the fade-from-sketch-to-colour, it’s just coloured. The fading ones just take so much work and effort and with so many pictures, it’s not worth it, especially with how low an audience I have. I’ll return to it one day, but just not now. …

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