Alone New York Trip #2

So, the day before yesterday, I decided that I would got to New York City on Friday (which was yesterday). It should be obvious that I do like NYC. Quite frankly, I needed a huge break from being inside the house. I think I could actually use two more days, but oh well. There’s nothing

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Time! Why isn’t there more of you?!

Since my last post, my happiness has sort of leveled off into something more neutral with a bit of tension. There’s a good number of factors playing into this. While I didn’t exactly predict what exactly would tear down my mood, I knew it was going to happen one of these days. I’m just hoping

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The Adventures of Tired Kelly

Yesterday, yes, yesterday! I woke up at 7 PM the day before, hopped into the lovely private chatroom the lovely ladies over at the Hinako Takanaga Livejournal community had set up for the discussion of Hinako Takanaga’s awesome series’ and opened up my writing document for my novel for this month, jumping my windows back

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I love buying items from Japan. A lot of it is deeply rooted to my otaku heart, as there are many anime & manga products the United States doesn’t get, as well as the love for the quality and interesting items I would otherwise never get. There are a lot of Japanese websites I would

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