[MY DAY] Pattern Weights

Remember how the other day I was like “I can’t sew until next year!!!” and was upset and angry about that? Well, I totally went back on my word and decided to sew. After work, I picked up some fabric with some really fun designs on it (because I obviously need more fabric (not)), along

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The Phoenix of Sewing

Oh, how I wish I was really like a phoenix for sewing, rising from the idle ashes, blossoming into a person who sews frequently. Alas, I have not. At least, not yet anyway. I was planning on making April my ~sewing month~ though, as of right now, I still can’t tell if that’s really going

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I want these back.

I hate that everything I was interested in now seems to be shot. I want it back. I want it all back now. It doesn’t even have to be as intense as it was before, but just there enough to actually make me want to immerse myself in them. To work on them. To draw

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