[PERSONAL | MY DAY] 2017 in Review

I tried to log onto this blog via my laptop and couldn’t remember my password! Luckily, I was still logged in on my desktop, so I quickly changed it and was able to log in from my laptop! WHOOT! Fantastic. Okay, let’s start. In previous years, there was something about the whole year that felt

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[REVIEW | MUSIC] FROOT by Marina & the Diamonds

Album: FROOT Artist/Band: Marina & the Diamonds Release Date: 13/16/17 March 2015 Purchase Digital: iTunes | Amazon | MatD Official Site Purchase Physical: Amazon | MatD Official Site | Walmart | Target Review: My friend introduced me to Marina & the Diamonds shortly after Electra Heart came out in the UK. It very quickly became

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This is a really informal review, hence why I called it a “mini-review”. If you like the printer as I’m talking about it, you can grab it for yourself here. Anyway, enjoy this review of the Epson WF-7610. Alright, so, for the longest time, my printers have been by HP. I got my most recent

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Title: Princess Knight Author/Artist: Osamu Tezuka Volume(s): 1 & 2 Publisher: Vertical, Inc. Price: $13.95 (each volume) ISBN: Part 1 – 978-1-935654-25-4 Part 2 – 978-1-935654-31-5 Purchase: Part 1 – Amazon | RightStuf | Book Depository | B&N | BaM | Kinokuniya | Random House Part 2 – Amazon | RightStuf | Book Depository |

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[JAPANESE | REVIEW] Nihongo-e-na

With my previous entry (which was originally written about a week or two ago, but not posted until earlier today), I mentioned about how I was clueless on what Japanese study materials were available to me during my in-between and down times of learning the language. One of the things I really needed to check

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I love buying items from Japan. A lot of it is deeply rooted to my otaku heart, as there are many anime & manga products the United States doesn’t get, as well as the love for the quality and interesting items I would otherwise never get. There are a lot of Japanese websites I would

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