Artwork is the Worst

I hate doing artwork. I place my pencil down on a blank piece of white paper right in front of me or open up Clip Studio Paint for some doodling. My hand starts to move through my drawing steps — first the circle for the head, then the cross to make sure everything is aligned, …

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screw titles

Wow. Do you know what I hate? I hate when I want to be productive, but I can’t be because I have too much energy. That’s the worst. In fact, I don’t even want to finish writing this blog entry because I’m too distracted. UGH. All I want to do is sit down and work …

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I don’t think you know how sick I am of artwork. I am so sick of it. It’s actually at the point where I want to quit drawing. It does nothing for me, except bring up blazing fireballs of anger up from the pits of my stomach, into my solar plexus, and pulsates frustration throughout …


What Do I Wanna Do?

I really hate those moments when I ask myself “well, what do I wanna do?”. Sometimes I’m just sitting at my computer, shading an older image of mine without much of a thought and suddenly the question of whether I really want to be doing this comes to mind. I hate it even more when …

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[INFORMAL REVIEW] Rosetta Stone and the Excruciating Pain

After installing the highly priced Rosetta Stone Japanese software into your computer, you boot up the program and begin on lesson 1, all bright eyed and cheery! You’re finally going to learn Japanese! After a few years of trying to get a direction, you’ve finally found one with this well known, award winning software. Your …

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