[WEBSITE | UPDATES] TrainerKelly’s Network is BACK IN BUSINESS!

Massive homepage update. Rambles tweaked. Online shop reopened. Patreon reopened. Ko-Fi officially ready for business. TrainerKelly’s Network is officially BACK IN BUSINESS! It’s been so long since I’ve actually done anything on here. I mean, okay, maybe not on Rambles – I’ve still periodically posted. However, on TrainerKelly’s Network as a whole, not so much.

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[BLOG | UPDATE] Rambles Has Been Updated!

Wow, my first post of 2020 is about the fact I updated this blog. If you look at it at a glance, you may not be able to tell what I updated, so let me tell you: I changed most of the categories and rearranged the front-page layout to better reflect the categories. The two

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I’m doing something different this year: I’m not telling you what my goals are until the end of this year. Why? I want to see how much I get done if I don’t mention them to anyone unless needed. Supposedly, studies have shown that telling people your goals makes you less likely to achieve them.

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[PERSONAL | MY DAY] Did 2018 Actually Exist?

I’m sitting here in 2019, wondering if 2018 even existed? It’s like I carried over nothing except some depression management/healing techniques and a rearrangement of life goals with me. I intended to write this summary before the new year, but I just didn’t have it in me. It’s even harder to write this summary, because

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Hello, everyone! I’m behind on posting updates and blog post, however they are coming! I’m pretty much just waiting for the videos to be completed, but as soon as they are, I’ll get to posting them! What do you have to look forward to, you may be wondering? Another Bite-Sized Update for my Creative Works;

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[PERSONAL | RAMBLES] Good-Bye, 2016!

[PLEASE NOTE: This entry has NOT been edited, per usual. Those of you who are frequent to the blog should expect this by now, harharhar. Enjoy!] Wow, can you believe it’s already December 31st, 2016? My brain can barely comprehend that this year is almost over. There’s only a few hours left in 2016. Well,

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