[CREATIVE WORKS | UPDATES] Creative Works Update – #4

I can almost hear the creaking of the wood floor of a long time, no update. Could one be wondering: what has TrainerKelly been doing? Where are all the projects? What has happened?! Are they coming out soon? Are they not coming out soon? Did TrainerKelly succeed or did TrainerKelly fail? I’m sure I would

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I once was ahead, now I’m behind.

I was in debate of whether to post this on my personal blog or not, but decided to go with this “Written World” one, since everything I’m about to say is related to written and creative works. I spent four days catching up on my word count, which I managed to do. I figured I

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[Camp NaNoWriMo] Novel #1 – The Embellished Romance of the Bright Stars

Lovely title, isn’t it? The Embellished Romance of the Bright Stars. Interesting factoid about it is that the title comes from the places that the main pairing live. Princess Kerryn of Brehtstral (“Bright” + “Astral”, “astral” referring to stars) and Prince Ask of Paillette (“paillette” meaning a sequin or spangle sewed to a costume or

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Love Me Softly ~Chris’s Version~ – Update 3

I probably wouldn’t really be making an update right now if it was for me announcing that LOVE ME SOFTLY IS AT 100,771 WORDS AS OF TYPING THIS AND IS AT 200 PAGES. Size 12, Times New Roman font, single spaced. Just to give you an idea. I AM SERIOUSLY SO PROUD OF MYSELF. I

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