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[ARTWORK] Sketch Dump Monday – Sketches from July & August 2021

Yes, I am starting a new series: Sketch Dump Mondays! I had considered doing “Sketch Dump Saturdays” or “Sketch Dump Sundays”, however, I determined “Sketch Dump Mondays” worked better with my work schedule. I start my week on Mondays – mainly due to my tracker and planners starting on that day. I even changed my digital …

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[ARTWORK] Chibi Bonanza!!

CHIBIS!!!! Or just chibi. Do you know what, I don’t know how we use the Japanese word “chibi” in English. Unlike words like “anime” and “manga” where adding an “s” to make it plural sounds odd (“I own a lot of anime” sounds more correct than “I own a lot of animes”), using the word …

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[ARTWORK] Letting Go

This picture actually has a lot to do with the story Midnight Star is in. It’s more of something that would come a while after the story. I don’t think a scene like this will ever actually happen, since I’m planning something a tiny bit more dramatic that forces her to let go of what …

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