Oh, geez. I don’t even know where I should begin. The Japanese? The Classes? The Village? I just don’t know!

Its been over two months, I believe, since I last wrote on here! It was only going to be a month originally, I believe, but I got so busy, I completely lost motivation to write my blog! I feel really bad because I told this really pretty blonde lady at a shop I visited about

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I like to refer to the order of learning Japanese (or learning anything, really) as “doors”. Generally, doors lead to rooms, sometimes to a room with more doors to open. While some doors don’t have locks on them, others do. For language learning, you generally first stand in a room with a few doors with

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[INFORMAL REVIEW] Rosetta Stone and the Excruciating Pain

After installing the highly priced Rosetta Stone Japanese software into your computer, you boot up the program and begin on lesson 1, all bright eyed and cheery! You’re finally going to learn Japanese! After a few years of trying to get a direction, you’ve finally found one with this well known, award winning software. Your

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“I’m learning Japanese.” “You are? Cool! I wanna learn Japanese!”

Following that “I wanna learn Japanese”, depending on who you are talking to, will either be something along the lines of “teach me” or “say something”. If you’re one of the “teach me” sort of people, this post is sort of for you. It’s actually more for the people who are in a position I

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Time! Why isn’t there more of you?!

Since my last post, my happiness has sort of leveled off into something more neutral with a bit of tension. There’s a good number of factors playing into this. While I didn’t exactly predict what exactly would tear down my mood, I knew it was going to happen one of these days. I’m just hoping

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