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[JAPANESE | REVIEW] Nihongo-e-na

With my previous entry (which was originally written about a week or two ago, but not posted until earlier today), I mentioned about how I was clueless on what Japanese study materials were available to me during my in-between and down times of learning the language. One of the things I really needed to check

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[JAPANESE | RAMBLES] Learning Realization

Sometimes when people ask me where to start learning Japanese, I immediately say “learn kana”. I actually honestly swear by this advice because, to me, it has been the most helpful for numerous reasons, including my visit to Japan back in 2010. However, I notice I forgot something…

Final Stretch! FINAL STRETCH!!!!

Oh, I remember working on Lesson 7 and feel like it was taking me forever to get to the next lesson. I recall flipping through the next three lessons, being super excited about learning short forms and 〜たい (want) form. Each time I found myself getting distracted and fell into doing other, arguably less important,

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“I’m learning Japanese.” “You are? Cool! I wanna learn Japanese!”

Following that “I wanna learn Japanese”, depending on who you are talking to, will either be something along the lines of “teach me” or “say something”. If you’re one of the “teach me” sort of people, this post is sort of for you. It’s actually more for the people who are in a position I

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I Pep Talked Myself

I downloaded the Evernote program for my computer with the intention of using it for my studies. I’ll admit I haven’t touched it in months – I’m too lazy/busy to use it, at least right now. Maybe one day I’ll go back and do what I originally intended to do. Anyway, I wrote a letter

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The Progress as of May 2011

This is more of an autobiographical post than anything else, so if you could really care less about how I got from knowing nothing to being able to write small, boring paragraphs, go check out the other posts or something. I’ve always had some sort of interest in Japan, for as far as I can

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