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Final Day of Review!

So, it’s my final day of vocabulary review for Genki I, Lesson 7. I have most of the words learned just enough where I’m pulling them up from memory, which is exactly the purpose of doing the three day review. I actually had them down on the first day, but continuing to review was definitely …

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8 pages left?!

Hey, look guys! I have pictures for once! And as you can see, it’s not a textbook, but a notebook. If you thought the title referred to my textbook, then HA. HA. HA. …I wish. But nope. It’s the notebook I’ve been writing Japanese in. Five Star has these nice, small notebooks that are super …

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All Caught Up!

After about three weeks total of working on retaking my notes, I have finally finished! I am finally free to start lesson 7 on Monday! I’m rather excited about that! Do you know how awesome that is for me? I can move forward and get closer to my goal! I hope nothing interrupts it, or …

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