[ARTWORK] “Say Hello to Mr. Greeny!” “No Thanks”

I was working on one of my short stories and it featured my character Sadia, who is a “dolly” (think Frankenstein’s monster except not made from parts of different people) as the main character. My other character you see in this piece is Flavio, who also showed up in the story. You can probably imagine …

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[ARTWORK] Flavio, Clyde, and Sadia

Ah, yes. My three dolly sapiens. My three Frankenstein’s-monster-like characters. Except they’re not really like Frankenstein’s monster, other than the features…which aren’t exactly alike either. Wasn’t Frankenstein’s monster created with parts of various people? I could be wrong about that. Anyway, I’m glad I had a chance to draw these three together. Clyde was my …

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