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[Artwork] Princess Angelica & Faye the Angel – Sketch

This is a sketch I did of my characters, Princess Angelica (left) and Faye Jademan (right). If you’ve browsed my other artwork on here, you are probably familiar with Faye. Princess Angelica is from Astral Isles on Kehllee (one of my planets). In one of the stories she is in, she’s pulled into going on …

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[ARTWORK] Angelic

HEY GUYS, LOOK, ANOTHER REDRAW. I love actually doing redrawings, but in a way, they’re also kind of boring because it’s like I don’t have any new ideas. It’s not that I don’t have new ideas, but rather I’m afraid of messing them up. Anyway, back in 2006/2007, I did an image of Faye who …

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[ARTWORK] Faye in the Sky

I sketched this really nice image of Faye Jademan when I was coming up with sofilpaketch images. (Sofilpaketch is short for “soft oil pastels over a sketch” which I used to do back when I used Corel Painter 11.) I was in some effortless stage and the image came out better than it usually did, …

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[ARTWORK] TriGirls

For a brief time in 2006, I made a neutral version of Kelly (meaning she could be used as a fan character or an original story character; the idea has been scrapped since then), Samantha Laine, and Faye Jademan a trio. They weren’t necessarily suppose to be from the same main story, but from a …

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