[ARTWORK] Etheriel’s Open Arms

One of three sketches I drew of Etheriel to be turned into prints. This is one of two that lost to Etheriel’s Subtle Joy. Etheriel’s arms are open wide, accepting a lost spirit of someone who died…I think. In all honesty, I don’t remember the concept behind this piece. I like Etheriel’s overall pose, but

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[ARTWORK] Etheriel Glancing Behind

One of three pieces of Etheriel I drew to become prints. This lost to Etheriel’s Subtle Joy. If I remember the concept for this one correctly, the colours were also going to be fiery, like Etheriel’s Subtle Joy, but perhaps a lot more red. Etheriel was going to be shrunk down and pushed further back.

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[ARTWORK] Chibi Bonanza!!

CHIBIS!!!! Or just chibi. Do you know what, I don’t know how we use the Japanese word “chibi” in English. Unlike words like “anime” and “manga” where adding an “s” to make it plural sounds odd (“I own a lot of anime” sounds more correct than “I own a lot of animes”), using the word

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[ARTWORK] Etheriel’s Subtle Joy

Out of the three sketches I drew to become prints, this is is the one that won. I am glad it was as well. I think out of all three of them, this is the best looking one. This also worked perfectly with Aldister’s piece, since they are two polarizing forces. Etheriel is an angel.

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