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[CREATIVE WORKS | UPDATES] Creative Works Update – #4

I can almost hear the creaking of the wood floor of a long time, no update. Could one be wondering: what has TrainerKelly been doing? Where are all the projects? What has happened?! Are they coming out soon? Are they not coming out soon? Did TrainerKelly succeed or did TrainerKelly fail? I’m sure I would

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[CREATIVE WORKS | UPDATES] Project Schedule (Kind Of)

Hello, everyone! How are you today! If you read my last post, I missed my first and second deadline for my comics and then realized I didn’t have to release them quite yet, but rather just keep working on everything else! With that in mind, I want to discuss with you what is going on

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[CREATIVE WORKS | UPDATES] Postponement, Fairies’ Day, and 100% Digital

Postponement: In July, two new comic series were expected to launch: Fairies’ Day and Naitmarians’ Day. However, after contemplating, the series, along with all comics that are currently on hiatus, will resume in September. The series that will be returning and/or debuting in September 2017 are: MAKE ME A MODEL *Fairy Glimpse Naitmarish Glimpse Kehllish

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[CREATIVE WORKS] MAKE ME A MODEL is on Hiatus until August 2017

MAKE ME A MODEL is going on hiatus until August 2017. This is to ensure the maximum number of pages will be completed for consistent, rather than inconsistent, posting. Thank you so much for reading. To catch up, feel free to go to: Please look forward to future updates.


I worked my butt off in June to get my three original comic series, MAKE ME A MODEL, Naitmarish Glimpse, and Fairy Glimpse off the ground. I managed to complete about a month’s worth of MAKE ME A MODEL and three months worth of NAITMARISH GLIMPSE and FAIRY GLIMPSE. I also tried to get a

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