[ARTWORK] Clyde Bust

I would say I haven’t drawn Clyde in quite a while, but that’s not true. I actually drew his character sheet, which is done. I’ll post it once I start posting stories. Just like the Sadia & Flavio picture, I was inspired to draw Clyde after writing about him in my short stories. He’s honestly

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[ARTWORK] Clyde & Spark – Glaring

Spark Alamental and Clyde do not get along. Spark is hyper and cheerful and Clyde is more on the low key side and seems to almost always be grumpy. Their personalities clash a bit. Clyde is pretty vocal about his dislike for Spark, for when she’s start being hyper and loud, he won’t hesitate to

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[ARTWORK] Clyde Complaining

I think I was bored one day in 2011…okay, maybe not bored, per se, but more like I felt like drawing, but I was all out of ideas, which, for some reason, resulted in my drawing Clyde complaining that he was bored. You know, he would totally do that too. It also resulted in me

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[ARTWORK] Flavio, Clyde, and Sadia

Ah, yes. My three dolly sapiens. My three Frankenstein’s-monster-like characters. Except they’re not really like Frankenstein’s monster, other than the features…which aren’t exactly alike either. Wasn’t Frankenstein’s monster created with parts of various people? I could be wrong about that. Anyway, I’m glad I had a chance to draw these three together. Clyde was my

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[ARTWORK] Clyde Complaining with Tea

Here we have Clyde doing his two favourite things: complaining and drinking tea. Ugh. He’s such an interesting character to me, but I draw him doing such boring things. I’m sorry, Clyde. I think the least boring thing about this picture is the wallpaper. I got it off of CG Textures. Of course, before you

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[ARTWORK] Clyde with Tea

I feel kind of bad that whenever I draw Clyde, he’s drinking tea. It makes him look like the only thing he does is drink tea. Sure, he loves his tea, but part of the gag with his character is that his tea time is always interrupted because his work requires him to work at

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