[BUSINESS] Introduction to TrainerKelly’s Network

You’re here, so you probably get TrainerKelly’s Network is…something. You get I have a blog (if you didn’t, then how’d you get here?). You get it has something to do with me, trainerkelly. But like…what exactly is TrainerKelly’s Network? And what are the components that make it what it is? I’m more than happy to …

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[ORIGINAL WORKS | UPDATES] Progress Update – 09-16-2021

WHY: Two Updates One update is from September 15th and the other is from September 16th. They’re being posted now because I just didn’t feel like doing them earlier. But…at least they’re here now!! TWEAKS: Upcoming Homepage Additions The new homepage is launching on Monday, along with a SUPER big announcement that I’m excited for …

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[WEBSITE | UPDATES] TrainerKelly’s Network is BACK IN BUSINESS!

Massive homepage update. Rambles tweaked. Online shop reopened. Patreon reopened. Ko-Fi officially ready for business. TrainerKelly’s Network is officially BACK IN BUSINESS! It’s been so long since I’ve actually done anything on here. I mean, okay, maybe not on Rambles – I’ve still periodically posted. However, on TrainerKelly’s Network as a whole, not so much. …

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[BUSINESS | WEBSITE] Online Shop in Maintenance Mode

TrainerKelly’s Network: The Official Online Shop will be in Maintenance Mode for an unspecified amount of time. It will reopen upon the release of story content on TrainerKelly’s Network in order to cross-promote. If you are still interested in purchasing items, please contact me (TrainerKelly) at with the subject line of ONLINE SHOP ORDER …

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If you have been a long-time follower of this blog, you may be aware of my love-hate relationship with artwork and commissions. I’ve considered closing them before, have periodically shut them down, and have reopened them indefinitely…until now. After a long consideration and debate, I have finally decided to close commissions January 1st, 2017.

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