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[ARTWORK] The Group

Okay, no, the orange haired girl isn’t Misty and the blonde haired boy isn’t Edward Elric. The three people in this image are my characters (from left to right) are Alysha, Nyeshiva, and Brent. I never drew an image with all three of them together before, so I decided to do so now.


I drew a picture of Kotetsu and Satoshi because they’re my favourite pairing in every aspect for Pocket Monsters Best Wishes. This isn’t romantic based, but rather best friends based, since I was trying to draw something a bit more in character and more of what I like their relationship as – best friends.


Nen is my shark boy character who is childhood friends with Princess Midnight Star. His mother is a mermaid and his father is a shark. He’s one of my “complainer” characters that I love so much (like Clyde and Erik) and I wanted to draw him grumpy, so that’s what I did. The sketch:

[ARTWORK] Lightning Magic

I think when I originally drew this image, I had a completely different concept in mind. I don’t know what that concept was, so I opted to do whatever the heck I wanted and I really like the results. It’s a lot more powerful than I thought it would have been.

[ARTWORK] Angelic

HEY GUYS, LOOK, ANOTHER REDRAW. I love actually doing redrawings, but in a way, they’re also kind of boring because it’s like I don’t have any new ideas. It’s not that I don’t have new ideas, but rather I’m afraid of messing them up. Anyway, back in 2006/2007, I did an image of Faye who …

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[ARTWORK] Faye in the Sky

I sketched this really nice image of Faye Jademan when I was coming up with sofilpaketch images. (Sofilpaketch is short for “soft oil pastels over a sketch” which I used to do back when I used Corel Painter 11.) I was in some effortless stage and the image came out better than it usually did, …

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[ARTWORK] Adalynn Using Magic

Adalynn is the cousin of my character, Clyde. Well, if you still can consider them cousins considering Clyde has died then got revived in some sort of Frankenstein’s-Monster sort of way. I really like her design and wanted an excuse to draw her…so I drew her using magic.

[ARTWORK] Pandora’s Ability

I remember when I first created Pandora, I had an issue deciding if her name was going to be Priscilla or Pandora. After pondering it for a while and deciding that the character was going to have a personality where she was curious about everything, I thought Pandora fit better than Priscilla. Priscilla felt like …

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