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[ORIGINAL WORKS | UPDATES] Progress Update – 09-16-2021

WHY: Two Updates One update is from September 15th and the other is from September 16th. They’re being posted now because I just didn’t feel like doing them earlier. But…at least they’re here now!! TWEAKS: Upcoming Homepage Additions The new homepage is launching on Monday, along with a SUPER big announcement that I’m excited for

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[ORIGINAL WORKS | UPDATES] Progress Update – 09-13-2021

CONTINUED: Untitled Bedelia’s Story I’m telling you, Bedelia’s Story will probably be divided into two parts by the time the finalized version rolls around. 😂 I didn’t write *too* much today because I sleepy and wanted a nap, but I did write something. Here’s a preview: Bedelia awoke to seeing a note slipped underneath her

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