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Love Me Softly ~Chris’s Version~ – Update 3

I probably wouldn’t really be making an update right now if it was for me announcing that LOVE ME SOFTLY IS AT 100,771 WORDS AS OF TYPING THIS AND IS AT 200 PAGES. Size 12, Times New Roman font, single spaced. Just to give you an idea. I AM SERIOUSLY SO PROUD OF MYSELF. I

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Writing Month – Day 30 – End

The Writing Month (or rather, NaNoWriMo) has come to an end. I am still rather far from finish with Love Me Softly ~Chris’s Version~. I would have written this entry at 11 PM instead of 9 PM, however, I have work so it’s cut off early. My next post will be the beginning of my

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Writing Month – Days 23 & 24

I am EXCITED! SO EXCITED. OMFG. 48,067 WORDS! If I write tomorrow (November 25th), I’LL HIT GOAL. OMFG. But yeah. You’re probably here to read more about story updates, aren’t you? Erm…not really much. Alex and Chris met up for Christmas, had some Christmas sex (did I mention that), CHRIS FINALLY REALIZED HE’S IN LOVE

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