[ARTWORK] Chibi Bonanza!!

CHIBIS!!!! Or just chibi. Do you know what, I don’t know how we use the Japanese word “chibi” in English. Unlike words like “anime” and “manga” where adding an “s” to make it plural sounds odd (“I own a lot of anime” sounds more correct than “I own a lot of animes”), using the word …

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[Artwork] Aldister’s Tears

I remember one of my friends really liked this picture. I’m with them – so do I! While I am happy that this wasn’t the one chosen for numerous reasons, including the background and I think the composition could be a little bit better (although I think I would have adjusted that when I went …

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[Artwork] Aldister in the Air

This was one of the options for Aldister’s print piece. I’m glad this one wasn’t chosen because I don’t think it’s particularly great. I like the concept though, but I think the pose can be better. Who knows. Maybe I’ll be redrawing this picture in 5 to 10 years from now? Year Completed: 2015Tools Used: …

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