[ARTWORK] Chibi Bonanza!!

CHIBIS!!!! Or just chibi. Do you know what, I don’t know how we use the Japanese word “chibi” in English. Unlike words like “anime” and “manga” where adding an “s” to make it plural sounds odd (“I own a lot of anime” sounds more correct than “I own a lot of animes”), using the word

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[Artwork] Aere Flying High

This is Aere, the Air Fairy, a member of Fairy Quartet Number 9. She’s an easy-going, intelligent being who loves to spend time feeling the wind in her hair, the sun on her face, and spending time with all creatures who love to fly through the air. Oh, she also loves to help people with

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[Artwork] Aere Flowing in the Wind

This was one of the choices for the print of Aere the Air Fairy. This piece is a part of a set, although I only ended up colouring one of them (Coral the Water Fairy) because that’s the one that people voted for. The rest of them remain uncoloured like this, but that’s okay. I

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[Artwork] Aere Sleeping in a Nest with Birds

Another picture of Aere and one of the print options. This was sort of part of set with the other fairies. The only one who didn’t get a picture like this is Fiametta the Fire Fairy, but I’ll talk about that later. I imagine because of Aere’s affection towards winged creatures, she would like to

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