2017 goals

[PERSONAL | RAMBLES] RE: 2017 Goals – A Reflection for 2018

Happy New Years, everybody, whenever I am posting this. I’m not quite done with 2017 yet, despite being 2018 now. I think in the past, I reflected on my goals achieved in my end-of-the-year post, but I didn’t this time. I wanted to give attention to them on their own, so I can appreciate what

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[PLEASE NOTE: This post is UNEDITED.] HAPPY NEW YEARS, EVERYBODY!!!!! 2017 is FINALLY upon us! I have been waiting for 2017 to come for about 2 or 3 years now. I don’t even know why. All I know is, it’s something awesome. I choose to believe TrainerKelly’s Network is about to take some very great

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