Happy News Years Eve and Happy New Years to everybody who is coming across this blog! Unless you’re coming across this blog sometime later, like, let’s say mid-2014 or in 2015 because I linked it to you to show you what I’m talking about when I say a “year round up”. Regardless when you’re reading

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My 21st Birthday

Going out to the bar with some close friends, having one’s first legal drink at the age 21, getting wasted to the point of blacking out. It’s how one would assume an American’s 21st birthday would go and I’m sure many did on March 10th. Mine obviously did not though because my interest in alcohol

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RISING FROM THE ASHES. But not really.

Oh man, I miss blogging. I didn’t really do it that much, but when I couldn’t, I wanted to so badly. I thought maybe I could write in a word document or something, but I know it wouldn’t feel the same as posting my thoughts openly on the internet for other people to read. So

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