[REVIEW] Monster High: Haunted Doll Line – Kiyomi Haunterly

kiyomi_outfitToy: Kiyomi Haunterly
Toy Brand: Monster High
Toy Line: Haunted
Toymaker: Mattel
UPC: Erm…I’m gonna have to get back to you on that. One day. Hopefully.
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I’ve been a fan of the Monster High franchise for a few months by now (if not a year). I adore the concept of it and love the designs. I wanted to check it out since I saw Draculaura staring back at me, looking utterly adorable. I needed to know more about these monsters, so I checked it out!

It’s a series targeted primarily towards tween girls, who are a bit too old for Barbie, but aren’t old enough yet to be uninterested in dolls. They launched Monster High, which are a cast of children of famous monsters in high school. It clearly took off well, since they’re still making a bunch of stuff for it since 2010.

One of the newest Monster High lines is called “Haunted”, based off of the Spring 2015 movie of the same title. The dolls that came out part of this line are all part of the storyline.

Two of these dolls caught my eyes: Vandala Doubloons and Kiyomi Haunterly.

I purchased both of them, but wrapped up Vandala for Christmas for myself and kept Kiyomi out. She became the first MH doll for me to open, quickly making me wish I had the Frankie Stein ones I purchased with me so I could make them hang out together. (I’m a 10 year old kid at heart, okay?!)

Kiyomi caught my attention for an obvious reason: she was clearly a Japanese character. Her first name expresses that (although, her last name…I speculate she’s only half Japanese then?). She’s also a yokai, which I’ve been impatiently waiting for Mattel to do. Japan has so many fascinating monsters in their stories, there’s more than enough for them to choose from. They went with a noppera-bo, also known as a “faceless ghost”.


She’s not faceless, you say?

Her facial features are faded, implying she’s “faceless”. Not to mention noppera-bo can supposedly temporarily create a face on themselves.

I think what’s weirder is making her a ghost when noppera-bo are flesh characters…unless she’s half noppera-bo, half ghost…

…but enough speculation, let me talk about the doll!

As you can probably see from the pictures, she has blue, translucent-like skin and mixed pink berry/fuschia hair. Her hair is pulled back a bit to create a small, high ponytail in the front with a hair clip that almost matches her skin. The hair clip has eyes on it, which I think are rather befitting for a faceless ghost.


Her clothes follow a similar colour scheme to her hair and are designed to vaguely resemble a kimono, which I think is more than awesome. It’s one of the things that really stood out to me! The mesh portions (sleeves, skirt overlay) contain a cherry blossom pattern. She also appears to have a pink scarf around her neck. She’s wearing hot pink mesh socks and translucent brown (?) high-heeled shoes with a face on the heels.

Her jewelry and chains are both made of plastic. The chains actually look REALLY good like this, acting like a belt around her waist. I really like how they look. The jewelry, however, does not. It looks really cheap being a chunk of shaped plastic, although I think it may have been intentional based off of Kiyomi’s official artwork. Her necklace kind of has a sailor collar-look to it.


She comes with a dark blue purse with two faces on it: one happy, one sad. She also comes with a brush, which seems to be the standard for MH dolls (particularly main line ones), a stand that looks like chains, and a diary (again, seems to be the standard for main line MH dolls).

In comparison to her official artwork, she does appear to missing her earrings. I wonder if that was intentional or an overlooked detail?


Since this was my first time actually opening up a MH doll, I was REALLY surprised by the joints. They’re really easy to move around and put her into different poses. It kind of makes me wish her small fingers could also be moved, but that’s okay. She’s still super easy to put into a pose. I honestly was having too much fun putting her into poses and taking pictures of her.

This may sound really weird, but I really like how her legs feel. I KNOW, I KNOW. That sounds super weird. I just really like how smooth and curved they feel. They’re really nice to move around to me. It’s one of my favourite features, as mundane as that sounds.


I had such a hard time putting her down when I first got her, my boyfriend started getting sad since I was paying more attention to Kiyomi than him. She’s honestly a gorgeous doll. I kept posing her and brushing her hair over and over again (my boyfriend actually ended up brushing her hair at some point and started understanding why I was paying attention to the doll, haha).

I don’t really like her face that much — it falls short of the promo pictures they’ve released. Maybe it’s just the particular doll I got, but her face looks really squished to me, which kind of makes me not like the doll as much (I still really love her though!).


I really enjoyed reading her diary. It shed an insight on her character — she seems to like Porter Geiss, she appears to have a really cool ability, her emotions are expressed through herself changing colour, and she hates when people aren’t doing things that are “honourable”. I’m really interested in seeing how the colour-changing will be portrayed in the movie when it comes out. I’m also curious on how the ability will be portrayed, since she and Vandala both appear to have it (although, neither one of them know this as of the diaries). She also found out about another person who had it and became notorious for it, which makes me wonder if it hints to the movie plot…

…regardless, Kiyomi is a FANTASTIC doll and I’m so happy to have her part of my Monster High collection! She’s very beautiful and memorizing, I can’t help but want to keep her with me all day long. I actually have to keep her on my shelf, otherwise I’ll be playing with her all day long.


I would definitely recommend that all Monster High fans add her to their collection! I can’t really recommend her for anyone else though. I suppose if you’re completely in love with characters who are Japanese, I’d say pick her up too. Also pick her up if you like dolls. You will not be disappointed.

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